NATO Introduces Hot New Plan for Nuclear War with Russia

When the coronavirus hoax turned everyone’s lives upside down, people started considering new ideas.

Now they’re considering the idea of nuclear war with Russia.


Top defense chiefs from NATO member states have given a green light to a new grand strategy on how to beat Russia in any potential all-out conflict, as Moscow says the move proves the US-led bloc isn’t open to improving relations.

On Thursday, ministers met in Brussels to sign off the scheme, named the “Concept for Deterrence and Defense in the Euro-Atlantic Area.”

According to NATO’s General Secretary, Jens Stoltenberg, it is part of efforts to “continue to strengthen our alliance with better and modernized plans.”

What are Stoltenberg’s motivations, you think?

He doesn’t have weird physiognomy like most of these people.

Is he some kind of sickening pervert?

Or is he just a workaholic whose entire career has been about trying to destroy Russia?

The bloc’s officials insist they don’t believe an attack is imminent, but that it is worthwhile being prepared in any case.As part of the plan, NATO troops would fight against Russia’s forces in both the Baltic Region and across the Black Sea.

The battle plans also focus on non-conventional warfare, including the use of nuclear weapons, cyber-attacks and even conflict in space. However, Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov hit out at the adoption of the strategy on Friday, saying that it shows there is no prospect for turning around rock-bottom relations with the bloc.

“There is no need for dialogue under these conditions,” he argued, saying that the adoption “of such a concept by NATO confirms it once again.” According to him, “this alliance was not created for peace, it was conceived, designed and created for confrontation.”

Defending the measures, Stoltenberg told reporters earlier this week that the bloc welcomes US efforts “to really engage in meaningful, strategic talks with Russia” over the extension of the New START atomic weapons treaty, saying that “some important steps have been taken recently.”

However, he added, “the relationship between NATO and Russia is at its lowest, lowest point since the end of the Cold War, and the reason for that is the Russian behavior.”

They have invaded the neighbors, they have annexed part of another country, they are investing heavily in new nuclear capabilities,” the bloc’s top official claimed.

This is just total upside down world gibberish, as the reader is no doubt aware. The West/NATO/EU/US effectively invaded the Ukraine by overthrowing the elected government in a violent coup. As we covered extensively back in 2013-14 when it was happening, people from the EU were paying rioters in cash, riot plans were being made at the US embassy, and the snipers who shot protesters were likely from Israeli Mossad.

No one who knows anything about anything thinks that this color revolution was somehow fair and that big bad Russia was pure evil for annexing Crimea as a last ditch option to keep hold of a key strategic area.

But generally, I don’t think this whole “we’re going to have a nuclear war with Russia” thing is serious.

If the West wanted a war with Russia, they would have started it already.

Every day the United States gets weaker.

China is inventing and testing new super missiles while the US is attempting to destroy its own core population with deadly fake vaccines and race hoaxes.

To be clear, I of course do support nuclear war, on principle at this point. I am 100% in support of anything that will end the child tranny agenda. A nuclear war would definitely do that.

I thought the US might try to stir up some kind of limited war with Russia in the Ukraine, but the more time elapses, and the more destroyed and non-functional the United States gets, the less likely that seems.

How on earth are they going to organize people in support of a war, when they’ve so aggressively split the country into all of these different groups that hate each other?

The only way would likely be to finally unfold the Grey Agenda.