NATO Head Talks About the Sadness He Felt on January 6, Because of Our Values

More than any other aspect of this system, what exhausts me is the phoniness of all of it.

More than the phoniness, it is that someone, somewhere, is apparently taking this phoniness seriously.

There is a person on earth who believes that the head of NATO just really cares about democracy, and that he feels sad when democracy doesn’t work out.


NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg claimed the January 6 storming of the US Capitol by Trump supporters was an attack on the values of NATO in a highly-discussed interview with Axios reporter Jonathan Swan.

During the ‘Axios on HBO’ interview, which aired on Sunday, Stoltenberg said he regarded the Capitol storming “as an attack on the core democratic institutions of the United States and therefore also on core values of NATO.”

Despite his concern over the incident – in which supporters of former President Donald Trump forcefully entered the Capitol building in protest of Joe Biden’s election victory, which they alleged to have been rigged – Stoltenberg said he was “confident that our biggest ally” would “remain a strong democracy.”

The secretary general, who also served as prime minister of Norway, defended his statement by arguing that the US “has been through difficult times, crises, before and always come out on the other end with a strong commitment to democratic institutions.”

Stoltenberg’s comments were ridiculed online, with social media users questioning whether NATO would “send drones” to attack the Americans involved in the storming.

How are you even supposed to take this?

What does it mean to “love” American democracy?

The American electorate is largely composed of impoverished peasants. For decades now, the Democrat Party – with the assistance of the Republican Party – has been replacing the electorate with Mexicans and other foreigners.

So when you love democracy, you are devoted to the metaphysical idea that a mob of mixed multitude peasants is capable of making profound decisions about the political direction of superpower nations? Because that would have to be metaphysical. There is no logical way you can explain how Mexican landscapers and African crack dealers can understand and make decisions about the direction of the American Empire.

Just look at black people. They are 13% of the population. If we didn’t have any black people in America, Republicans would win every election in at least 46 states. So these people are arguing that blacks specifically have a magical ability to decide things about the economy, inflation, war, geopolitics, etc.

This is not “values” to believe that. It is a lie, designed to manipulate people who are very, very easy to manipulate.

Anyone who claims to “believe” in this system is either lying or they are stupid, and it is so tiring that the majority of the planet acts as though if you have questions about this system, there is something wrong with you.

Anything that involves “our values” or “who we are” is really faker than anything that would have been tolerated by anyone, ever in history, before the modern era. Just remember Paul Ryan going up there and saying we have to take in infinity “refugees” because that’s “who we are.” What he is pushing for is unlimited immigration in order to drive down wages on behalf of corporations and banks – but he frames it in terms of some emotional thing about kindness.

Just so, Stoltenberg wants a war with Russia and China, and he frames that in terms of “our values.”

It is always the worst ideas couched in the most brainless tripe from ABC Family made for TV movies. Imagine it – that is the driving force of global events!

Jonathan Swan is a Jew, by the way. I mention this because I wrote an article about him, saying I didn’t understand his motivations, and was told by the readership that he’s Jewish. He doesn’t look Jewish.