NATO Conducting More Drills on Russia’s Border While Accusing Russia of Being Aggressive

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 28, 2017

It is amazing the way these people are able to get away with promoting the exact opposite of what is true.

They have moved troops across the entire planet to Russia’s border to conduct threatening “drills,” and then they claim they are doing it because Russia is aggressive.

Besides that fake news nonsense about “election hacking,” no one can even explain what Russia did.

No serious person anywhere would tell you that they actually believe Russia is planning to invade Estonia. It’s absolute kookery.


As the Baltic states, in concert with NATO, wraps up its previous cycle of military exercises close to Russia’s borders, the alliance has kicked off its so-called Saber Strike 17 drills in multiple locations throughout Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

Leaders of the NATO military bloc agreed to deploy four multinational battalions to Poland as well as to Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia last July, with the declared goal of deterring potential “Russian aggression.”

Now, all four newly created battle groups will take part in the 4-week-long drills (May 28-June 24), to strengthen cooperation amongst the United States military and 19 other nations taking part in the exercise.

“The key exercise objective will be training and exercising the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence (EFP) Battle Groups with a focus on promoting interoperability with allies and regional partners and improving joint operational capability in a variety of missions,” the US army said in a statement.

The large-scale exercise will include amphibious assault drills in Latvia, live fire exercises in Poland and Lithuania, and an air assault coupled with a river crossing by the British Royal Marines at the Poland-Lithuania border.

The Saber Strike drills began the same week as some Baltic states wrapped up their previous military training with NATO allies.

In Poland on Friday, the international NATO combat group finished the ‘Puma 17’ drills near the northeastern town of Orzysz. About 2,500 troops, including a NATO battalion, took part in the military exercises which practiced engaging in a so-called “hybrid war” scenario to deter the omnipresent ‘Russian threat.’

The squads of NATO soldiers performed drills using Polish PT-91 tanks, BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles, US models of the Stryker armored personnel carriers and Russian-made Mi-24 military helicopters.

This was the first joint exercise with the multinational NATO battalion which arrived at Orzysz in spring.

Meanwhile, Estonia wrapped up the Spring Storm 2017, where almost 9,000 NATO troops participated. Soldiers from 15 states, including the host country took part in the drills that ended Friday. As was the case in Poland, the recently deployed multinational NATO battalion was deployed to the fighting range.

The Baltic nations and the Poles are the real saps here.

If the West does provoke a war with Russia – which is obviously what they are trying to do – they are getting rolled over in a matter of hours, with massive death tolls. These are the countries that have the very most to lose in a conflict between the West and Russia, and yet they’re like “yeah sure – we hate Russia – come to our country and threaten them with invasion.”

I see these Estonians and Poles out there waving their American flags and I’m like, “wow, these people are genuinely retarded.”

Here’s some video.

These are some hardcore operations they’ve got going on.