Native Hawaiians are as Bad as Blacks: “F*ck White People”

Daily Stormer
February 18, 2014

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Here you have a disgruntled Hawaiian flipping out on some tourists, threatening them with violence and screaming “fuck White people, you took our land!”  He also prides himself on the fact that he abuses dogs and hits women.

Meanwhile, the White man does nothing, even with the native’s weak frame and obviously fragile bone structure, as his females are abused by the tropical ape.

What we have here is yet another great example of “native nostalgia syndrome.”

Because even though this savage speaks English, wears normal clothes, uses the goofy slang that Jewish music moguls and Murray Rothstein designed for the blacks, and probably prides himself on his glitterized Japanese car, we “took their land.”  And it was better before.

Ah, but I think this has more to do with sexual frustration when viewing White women, does it not?  Surely this noble savage doesn’t truly want to return to life before the White man arrived.

Such culture.
Such fashion.
So human sacrifice.
So human sacrifice.
Very choking.
Very choking.
Cannibalism.  Wow.
Cannibalism. Wow.
Nudist surfing... okay, that part is kinda cool.
Nudist surfing… okay, that part is kinda cool.