Nationalism vs. Anti-Immigration

George Papailias
Daily Stormer
December 11, 2016


PROTIP: Chances are that guys who look like this, won’t be striking fear into the hearts of brutal Arab criminals or cause them to flee your country with tears in their eyes.

I have been meaning to write this article for a long time. In light of what just happened in Austria, I feel enough is enough. It is time to set the record straight on this subject. For those who are not aware, Eric Striker wrote a very good article about the Austria situation called Prep the Bull, Lose the Poll: Austrian Freedom Party Concedes Defeat” – I suggest you read it.

This will be about the very serious issue of what is known by many different names: “Quasi-Nationalists,””Far-Right, ” “Civic-Nationalists,” “Populists” or “Kosher-Nationalists.” The common ones accused of being such parties of course are Front National, Independent Greeks, the Sweden Democrats, UKIP, Gerrt Wilders PVV and PEGIDA. This will not be about the details of these parties’ platforms, but about the difference of what they wish to achieve, versus what Nationalists want to achieve.

In order to do that, it is important to understand the mentality of the average European. It is important to understand the difference between an “Anti-Immigration” platform and and a “Nationalist” platform.

So let’s get in to this, shall we?

Content to be exterminated, so long as it is slow, and with good food and good conversation.

Now, for those Americans who have never visited or lived in western Europe, I will explain the lifestyle in these countries so you can better understand why these “Anti-Immigration” parties are becoming so popular.

For years these people have had a life that is on the average much less stressful than that of the average American. They worked fewer hours, had shorter commute to work and they had much more well developed social safety nets. Labor protections and protections of the unemployed generally have been light years ahead of what Americans are accustomed to. Taken by itself, this is a positive thing. However, with those benefits comes the side-effect of these people becoming extremely soft and extremely trusting of the government. They have historically had a kind of “Cradle-to-Grave” relationship with their governments. Up until recently, because of such benefits, there really was no reason to even question those ruling them, let alone go against them. During this time, all kinds of sick degenerate cultural things were promoted and accepted without resistance. Things such as feminism, homosexuality and cultural Marxism.

In most western European countries in the period between the 1950s and Early 2000s, Nationalism was almost completely non existent. Nationalism was seen as something obsolete and meaningless in the “modern era.” It was seen as a “relic of the past,” and only partially survived in varying degrees in eastern and southern Europe. From the 1970s onward, immigrants from non-European countries poured in, but still there was almost no resistance or nationalist sentiment.

It was only when the immigration problem began to put a drain on the social services that were once enjoyed by the western Europeans that average citizens began to take notice. The cuts in social welfare combined with a gradual increase in crime slowly caused “conservative” and “anti-immigration” parties to form and gain traction. Today we are seeing them continue to pick up support as the situation gets worse.

The mainstream media and the leftists put labels on such parties, calling them as “Nazis,” “Fascists,” “Ultra-Nationalists,” “Far-Right,” etc. In reality, these parties are not Nationalist at all – these parties are gaining support because they are promising western Europeans a comfortable return to the social welfare state that they enjoyed in the 90s. It is this that is the key difference between “Nationalist” positions and “Anti-Immigration” positions.

The motivation for why these parties are against Muslim immigrants has little to do with culture and race, and everything to do with social order and economics. These parties would be 100% okay with creating a hybrid-race of Arabic-French or Negroid-Dutch, as long as they were all pro-homosexual, pro-marxism and paid in to the social welfare state so that it could continue to operate smoothly. The only reason they are anti-immigration and want to close the borders is to keep their sacred system running and protected from the more uppity Muslims that they have not been able to water down. They desire a peaceful coffee colored western Europe of cosmopolitanism and increased GDP growth.


A German campaign poster from the “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the west” (PEGIDA). Notice what is sitting at the very bottom of the trashcan? If that thing in the trashcan still existed, would the Germans need to worry about “Islamisation” today?

That is quite different from what Nationalists want, or I should say what “Ethno-Nationalists” want, given that the term in English – “Nation” – has been reduced to an abstract concept that has nothing to do with blood. What real nationalists desire is a complete change in society, a complete destruction of the old order in Europe. The reason why this destruction must take place is because what is wrong with western Europe was there long before the first immigrants started pouring in. The mentality that created the current situation is what must also be destroyed. This goes a lot deeper than shipping back illegal immigrants.

Conchita Wurst, the bearded transgender winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, performs during a concert at the European Parliament in Brussels October 8, 2014. The concert organised by members of Parliament aimed to support the adoption in February of the report against homophobia and sexual discriminations. REUTERS/Yves Herman (BELGIUM - Tags: POLITICS ENTERTAINMENT) - RTR49DJA

The things that pass for “Cultural Values” in most of western Europe are things that make it easy to understand why Muslims want to slaughter them. People forget that most of these “western cultural” behaviors a few centuries ago would have had them slaughtered by other Christians.

It is for this reason, that these “Quasi-Nationalist” groups are not innocently “misguided,” but literally an enemy of Nationalists. The reason these parties exist is to keep the general population pacified, to soothe them with false promises of a return to 1990s Europe. It is no accident that many Jewish groups are now starting to assist and fund such parties. The New York City Jews are always two steps ahead of the average European cafe-dweller who thinks he will vote the Muslims away. They understand full well that the masses will be looking for a solution to the problem they have created, and so they are already investing in future “solutions” to sell them.

What if the “Quasi-Nationalists” Win?

This brings us to the real issue of what will happen if say all of these “Right Wing” Parties won the elections?  Would it be a victory? Would it be a “step in the right direction” as some say? One positive effect would be that the discourse of talking against immigrants and political correctness may become more accepted. The negative effects would be many and likely much worse for ethno-nationalists. Why?

Geert Wilders, it was recently revealed, was investigated by the Dutch government for his ties to the Mossad.

Imagine a hypothetical scenario where AfD in Germany, Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, Marine LePen in France, etc. all take control of these countries. Several things will likely happen, and some of these things may appear great on the surface – yet there are more sinister motives for doing them.

The first and most popular thing would be shutting down the borders – no new foreigners would be permitted to come in. Now, while this seems like a great thing, they will do this to make the Europeans think the problem has been solved. No reason to worry about the future of Europe anymore “immigration has been stopped.” Immigration is only a part of the problem, because that does not address the issue of the non-French, non-Germans, etc. who have legal status. Need I remind you of the history of the United States, where from the 1800s to 1970 there was no “illegal immigration problem,” nor was there an “Islam” problem, and yet the Black population multiplied and burned down a dozen or so American cities. Most Europeans do not understand this, and believe that once the “immigration crisis” is solved, there is nothing more to worry about and they can go back to living their comfortable lifestyle.

The second thing would be to “crack down on extremism and terror.” Again that sounds good on the surface, but what these parties do not tell you is that they consider ethno-nationalists to be extremist also. They go out of their way to distance themselves from them. So when they start increasing their police state in order to crack down on Muslims, they will use the very same police to crack down on ethno-nationalists, or what they call “Fascists.”

There is a reason why Geert Wilders (Mysteriously convicted of hate speech yet given no punishment) uses the term “Islamo-Fascism.” Marine Le Pen denounced her own father and kicked him out of Front National, so just imagine what she will do to French ethno-nationalists when she takes power. They will tell the people that “extremism is not about race or religion, it is about people who do not respect our progressive and inclusive society.”  If they decrease the crime and increase the standard of living for the average people, the people will be more than content to see them lock ethno-nationalists up and throw away the key. They will be okay with it because it will sound logical and moderate, now that their basic needs of safety and security are taken care of. The Europeans may not be aware that there is still a ticking time bomb inside their nation with a longer fuse than before, but I can assure you the Jews certainly are aware.


“Civic-Nationalist” feeding on an authentic National Resistance.

This “longer fuse” is exactly what they want, in order to destroy nations in a gradually assimilated and controlled way. A way that is more efficient and less likely to ignite resistance from the native-Europeans.

Make no mistake. They are aware that so long as the situation remains unstable and uncontrolled, there is always the chance that real nationalists can take advantage of the chaos and spread their ideas. This is why these “Quasi-Nationalists”exist – to eventually restore calm in the population and keep them away from us. Anything less than a full repatriation of non-indigenous people in Europe back to where they came from is simply a slower destruction of Europe.