National Youth Front’s Operation Bully Board

April 18, 2015

Last week, we, the National Youth Front and the Traditionalist Youth Network, joined forces and launched Operation “Bully Board,” which was a campaign against Appalachian State University located in Boone, NC in response to two “privilege” boards that popped on the campus.

Phase one of this operation was an email campaign directed to the chancellor of ASU, Dr. Sheri N Everts, in hopes that she would order the board to be taken down and keep the school discrimination free. A massive amount of emails filled her inbox, as people even outside of our organizations joined in to express their disgust for the board which told students to check their male, white, Christian, heterosexual, class, cis-gender, and able-bodied privileges. The chancellor chose to ignore every email, but according to our sources at the school, the bulletin board has been taken down.

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Despite our efforts, another board popped up later that week in a different part of the school addressing “Christian privilege,” which showed us that ASU was not going to put an end to these bully boards and that it was time to turn our activism up a notch.

On Tuesday, April 14, we launched Phase 2 of Operation Bully Board to make sure that our message was not ignored and to show these Cultural Marxists that their hatred was unacceptable. Our activists posted flyers and memes to counter the hateful messages that were displayed on bulletin boards in both the East Hall and Cannon Hall dorms.

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The National Youth Front flyer stated “Defend Your People” while the Traditionalist Youth Network stated “Faith Family Folk.” We created satirical memes that mocked “male privilege,” “Christian privilege,” and “white privilege,” which were posted alongside our flyers.


The very next day after Operation Bully Board was competed, a barrage of hateful messages were sent by some ASU students to the inbox of the National Youth Front’s Facebook page and email. Our chairman also received death threats and hateful messages to his personal Facebook page, YouTube and Twitter accounts. Pictures containing homosexual and interracial pornography we spammed on NYF’s Facebook page as well.


The sad part of all this is that most of the hateful messages were sent by white people, which just shows how effective and how deeply ingrained the anti-white brainwashing is. Several decades of anti-White propaganda teaching Whites not to have pride in themselves or their heritage, to be ashamed of their ancestors and history, and to disregard their own interests and identity as a group, has created an army of white anti-Whites who are so full of self-hatred and shame that they will attack the very people who are standing up for them.

Our flyers and memes were inoffensive and simply called for students to defend themselves against discrimination, yet the delusional anti-white Marxists didn’t see it that way. In a blog written by a white ASU student titled, “Appalachian State University: White Supremacists Need Not Apply” he describes just how scary our flyers were when he wrote:

“Defend Your People. It’s a very chilling phrase, fearsome in its simplicity. In just three words, it poses people of different races as not just somehow fundamentally different, but locked in a race war.”

The self-hatred is so strong with this one that the mere THOUGHT of white people defending themselves against anti-White discrimination is equivalent to a race war in his mind. The fact of the matter is that our actions were a defensive maneuver in a war declared on us.

It is clear to anyone who has not been brainwashed, that our universities of today have become Cultural Marxist indoctrination camps and are playing a major part in the destruction of Western civilization.

Despite the hate from some internet trolls, we received much thanks and praise from both students and even people from other parts of the world, who have also realized that their institutions have been weaponized against them and that we need to stand up against the insanity together.

Operation Bully Board was a major success and only a small taste of things to come.