National Youth Front Flier Campaign Gains Mainstream News Attention in Arizona

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 1, 2015

The horror!
The horror!

The National Youth Front, a rising new pro-White organization, has gained attention in the Arizona State University paper for a flier campaign on Tempe campus.

The State Press:

National Youth Front, an “elite youth organization dedicated to the preservation of America,” is the organization behind the fliers. The organization aims to “put an end to the invasion of our nation, stop the ongoing defamation of our people, and eliminate the endless ideological subversion of our nations (sic) most precious gift — its youth,” according to its website.

Angelo John Gage, the chairman of this national organization, is an outspoken political activist who’s been called “an unabashed racist and anti-Semitic” by the watchdog group Southern Poverty Law Center. As a member of the American Freedom Party, a self-proclaimed Nationalist party, Gage attempted to run for Congress in New Jersey in 2014.

“We will see the coming of a new era. One in which we will land devastating blows to the system and its anti-white narrative,” Gage said in his chairman letter of acceptance. “We will no longer be silent. We will no longer wait for our parents’ generation to act on our behalf. We will march in the streets, we will shout from the rooftops. We will be heard in the halls of our institutions. We will not disappear. America is ours. We are the future.”

According to the ASU State Press, the evil racist and Jew-hating flier in question read:

Millions of illigals flood our borders. Millions more are brought here illegally, even though we continue to suffer the worst economic crisis since the great depression. Our politicians refuse to protect us and out livelyhood. They have lost complete touch with reality. Our Corporations donate hundreds of millions of dollors to funding immigration foundations, while laying off their own employees.

We will not fail, we will not fear, we will not falter. We will not dissapear. This is a declaration of war. America is ours, and we are tomorrow.

I am not sure if all those spelling mistakes were actually there, but if so that is definitely something that needs worked on sooner rather than later.

The opposite side of the flier had the most recent Mohammed cover from Charlie Hebdo.

The State Press goes on to interview some Moslem on campus about what a threat these people could be to his people and how they must be shut down.
The campaign was also featured in the local news.


I would like to personally congratulate NYF on this operation, which I believe is their first time in the media. I would also like to let anyone working with NYF or any other pro-White organization know that we here at the Daily Stormer are always more than happy to publicize events and actions, and to help with any writing needed for campaigns.
Let this be an inspiration to all: it doesn’t take much to get attention.