National Survey: Only 12% of College Professors Believe in Free Speech

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
March 11, 2017

It always turns my stomach when some conservative laments the current state at free speech at Berkeley with the qualifier that the school is the “birth place of the free speech movement” – a reference to the hippie movement of the sixties.

With the exception of Mario Savio (who was chosen to be spokesman to throw the goyim off the Hebrew trail), the free speech movement was populated entirely by Jewish communists: Jack Weinberg, a bunch of people with the surname Goldberg, Steve Weissman, etc. I believe the Vietnam war was wrong, just like the poverty of peasants that led to the inept Czar’s overthrow in Russia was wrong, but Jews always jump on an exoteric good cause to garner popular support for an esoteric bad one. In this case, Cultural Marxism pushed through under the umbrella “free speech.”

That free speech was only for themselves, as a means to an end, which was to suppress the normal majority. Today’s college campus environment is exactly what Jack Weinberg, Allen Ginsburg and all the other 1960s Yids wanted all along. The generation they recruited now controls these institutions, and Jews themselves hold a firm grip on the elite schools.

Boston Magazine:

The Higher Education Research Institute has asked tens of thousands of professors nationwide if they agree or disagree with the notion that colleges should prohibit racist and sexist speech on campus. Nationally, 33 percent of faculty strongly agreed with the idea of speech prohibition, while 12 percent strongly disagreed. The remaining 55 percent of faculty were in the middle, where they somewhat agreed or somewhat disagreed with the idea.

Beneath the disguise of civility (an underhanded manipulation of Anglo-Saxon culture), college has become an extended high school indoctrination center for most young Americans. Because labels like “racist,” “sexist” and “homophobic” are made up gobbledygook, now it’s prohibited to, let’s say, argue that male and female are biological realities and transsexuals are just insane.

An anatomy textbook is really no different than Mein Kampf – a tool of the patriarchy designed to reinforce discredited positions of privilege.

None of this is actually about protecting people’s feelings. While conservatives are right that people on campus are snowflakes, that’s besides the point. The real reason Jews across the nation mandate or encourage a shutdown of free speech in our academic culture is so (((Stephen Jay Gould’s))) intellectual alchemy Mismeasure of Man can defeat Charles Murray’s hard science in The Bell Curve without actually having to pit weak Jewish ideas against strong and convincing ones.

Better to just get a mob of underlings to beat up the guy arguing his case, in the mind of Jewish thugs like the ones at the SPLC, who put Murray on their various lists.

That’s not to say I agree with all of Charles Murray’s findings, but he’s right on the racial link to IQ – Gould is simply a standard Jewish liar. It’s not that Jews and their liberals don’t want to allow free speech, it’s that they can’t. If we all had the equal right to speak our minds that the Constitution guarantees, we’d be in power and the New York Times editorial board would be forced to make Aliyah.

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