National Socialism: The Definitive Norm

Julian Carmen
Daily Stormer
October 20, 2014

    The Swastika - because it’s somehow not racist or evil so long as the Nazis are depicted as degenerate freaks.
The Swastika – because it’s somehow not racist or evil so long as the Nazis are depicted as degenerate freaks.

In undertaking this incredible feat of re-establishing proper historical facts, especially regarding National Socialism and the Holocaust, we are up against a wall of illogical paranoiacs which seem to think that enough contradicting statements might distract people long enough to abandon their search for the truth.

How many times have we heard a liberal say, “If we’re not careful, the Nazis will once again gain power.” It wasn’t too long ago that liberals were convinced that Bush was Hitler, before that, it was Saddam Hussein who was Hitler and now the conservatives believe Obama is Hitler. So people are seeing Nazis hiding behind every bush, but when you actually come out and announce to the world that you are a Nazi, they tell you that the Nazis will never gain power and we should just go back to our trailer parks we don’t live in.

Such is the game we must play with our liberal friends.

Much like anti-racism is a mental disease more than any type of ideology or moral standard, the paranoia and contradictions surrounding what people say about the Nazis go far beyond any historical fact and into a life all its own. They say Nazi skin heads are rednecks who only spend time saluting pictures of Adolf Hitler while cooking crystal meth in their trailers, yet major movie producers think it acceptable to make a movie involving Nazis living on the moon in secret underground bases.

Perpetual liars like Alex Jones and many others want us to think the Nazis are in charge of the country, while at the same time liberals constantly remind us Nazis will never come to power because the people will resist it. What people? The same people – “sheeple” – and do whatever the elite in power tells them to do? Or will the Nazis be stopped by those racist white Christians in control of the nation? Because why would they do that if they are racist? Liberals would like us to believe that the Koch brothers are literally throwing money towards every racist undertakings, and so naturally it would seem like they would support neo-Nazis most of all, yet neo-nazis still live in trailer parks.

Hmm. Nazis are a fringe group that must be warned against for 70+ years through academia, history, politics, movies, magazines, and news on a daily basis. Why? Because they won’t amount to anything.

    Haha, look at the silly, illiterate redneck who won’t amount to anything, but just in case, let’s punish him for being white privileged.
Haha, look at the silly, illiterate redneck who won’t amount to anything, but just in case, let’s punish him for being white privileged.

In Search of Secret Agents and Super-Nazis

Perhaps the most illogical argument is the old “you’re a secret agent because you’re telling all the secrets” gag. If you expose the Jews and their deceptive lies, well obviously you must be bankrolled by the Jews, because why not? Of course the Jews’ opposition to Hitler is just a trick, it’s a side gig really, their REAL agenda is to pay people to make YouTube videos exposing their lies, and then have their Jew CEO’s ban these videos, to give a greater impression that the Jews are in control, when really it’s Moon Nazis.

I’ve actually had arguments where people were convinced this was the case, that all the censorship was just a ruse as cover for some type of Space Nazis. So how does this all work? It would be completely idiotic for Jews to hire someone to expose Jews. Even if this somehow happened, then the person is at least telling the truth, right? But if Nazis were really in control, then they are paying us to blame everything on the Jews, that at least makes sense, but then how are we ‘secret agents’ for doing this? We are admitting we are National Socialists so how is it a big secret if we tell people our ideological stance?

Maybe our secret bosses assume no one will believe us because we are using YouTube videos, so even if it is the truth, people will discount it because of the platform we are using. Okay, makes enough sense. But then why censor it? And if anyone does believe us, our secret bosses have failed, so how good of a plan is this again? Was this same plan used with Hitler? Was the whole point for the Rothschilds to tell Hitler the plan so that no one would believe him, except that millions of people did believe him  – and now, 70+ years later, people still believe him, but the secret bosses are still implementing this failed plan all because of this convoluted notion that somehow it will finally work out by not working out!?

Or maybe we are being financed by the Illuminati to blame everything on the Jews and act like we are the Nazis so that people chase after the Jews instead of going after the Illuminati. But if that’s the case, why are the Jews still the most protected class of people on earth and haven’t been overthrown yet?

Then we have the pseudo truth tellers, the “altistic right” who say “Yes, I totally agree with you the Holocaust is a hoax and Hitler was a great leader but we must never tell people the Holocaust is a hoax or that Hitler was a great leader.” Why? Well because people won’t believe us. So you and I and thousands of others dedicate our lives to warning others about the truth of these conspiracies and deceptions yet no one believes it? If no one believed it there would not be laws against Holocaust denial. If everyone kindly followed the official story, why would we even be having this conversation to begin with?

Arguing with idiots.
Arguing with idiots.

If all but one or two people denied the hoax, it wouldn’t be much of an issue, right? Quite a few people believe in Scientology, but it’s not even relevant to debate with these people. A single South Park episode more or less put them in their place, and so people forgot about it. Some people believe in Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster, but they are hardly endangering society and modern civilization, are they?

But a fringe group who never leaves their trailer parks is somehow dangerous enough to warrant around the clock Holocaust laws and hate legislation against, right? Clearly, none of this would be necessary if we were just a fringe group.

White Nationalists and National Socialists are not a fringe group. It is because we are a voice to be reckoned with that the Jews and their followers are doing everything possible to prevent our voice from reaching too far. This is why every corner of the establishment must be sectioned off and sanitized so that no White voice could be heard too loudly. This is why they cannot allow even a single White Nationalist candidate for senator receiving fair coverage, or why a person risking their life exposing the Jews is called a secret agent, or why the millions of people who know in their hearts what should be done to change this society are called racist haters. Even if someone is a model liberal intellectual, they risk receiving the Nazi badge of honor for even hinting that race exists.

It’s time to grow up and stop playing mind games. We have to debate what a person is saying without throwing the old “secret agent” label around. We have to stop assuming what people will believe and let them make up their own minds. We have to tell the truth, even if the truth is racist. And believe me, they are already running scared because they have no truth to stand on. It’s only a matter of time before our beliefs become the definitive norm.