National Review Writer Will Nardi Says Michelle Malkin Deserves to be Banned from Social Media

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
November 19, 2019

Will Nardi is a truly principled conservative who believes that people who disagree with him should be banned from social media.

As a result of the groyper war, fake conservative incorporated is fully revealing themselves to be no different than the leftists they claim to fight. Will Nardi, a writer for the National Review, just told Michelle Malkin that she deserved to be de-platformed for not disavowing Nick Fuentes. He also seemed to take great satisfaction in telling her that she would suffer financially for straying off of the fake conservative plantation.

It’s also funny to see Nardi claiming that Fuentes is gaslighting people.

The only gaslighting is coming from fake conservative incorporated who have resorted to using out of context video clips and lies in their pathetic attempts to discredit Fuentes.

Nardi previously said that he supports tech censorship.

He also celebrated when Fuentes had his podcast removed from Apple iTunes.

There is literally no difference between what Jewish groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League have been doing and what fake conservative incorporated is currently doing. They’re both pushing for people to be banned off of the big social media sites for simply having views that they disagree with.

Before Nardi said that Malkin deserved to be banned, Sebastian Gorka was saying that Fuentes should have his verified status revoked by Twitter because he disliked his political views. These people are openly embracing tech censorship, which is something that even the most mainstream of people in the Republican Party are not supportive of.

But trying to make an example out of Malkin has been a huge mistake by these shills. She’s been a major figure within mainstream establishment circles for several decades. Claiming that she should be silenced and banned for refusing to denounce Fuentes is only going to create more resentment towards fake conservative incorporated.

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