National Review Revolts Against Itself, Calls Out Bull-Prepping Cucks in Its Midst

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 19, 2015

About friggin time.

After having been a sick haven for man-jerking cuckolded weirdos for far too long, the National Review Online has finally decided to clean its ranks of cuckservatives.

In an article entitled “Cuckservative has Got to Go,” writer David “If You’ll Excuse My” French lays down the law about how these fags who would rather blow a kike than gas it have to be cleared out of the staff of a magazine started by William “Gas Em If You Got Em” Buckley.


Yesterday afternoon I wrote a short post noting a small irony about Ann Coulter: Even while she was slamming the GOP for “pandering” on issues like abortion and Israel, she herself was using specific language that panders to the small, race-obsessed far-right crowd that is particularly focused on those same issues. This group — known to smear conservatives who disagree with them as “cuckservatives” or “cucks” — has a set of beliefs that go far beyond antipathy toward Israel and indifference toward abortion. Many of them are unapologetically white-nationalists, hate interracial adoption and other “race-mixing” practices, and think about the issue of immigration primarily, if not exclusively, in racial terms.


And we need to get rid of those who oppose our agenda, as you say – the cuckservatives have got to go!

We need to get the NRO back to its kike-gassing roots.

So what’s the plan, Dave? We’re going to have to expel George Will, maybe get him set up on some trumped up tax fraud charges, Goldberg we can just deport to Israel, but what will be the next step? Will you bring in Andrew Anglin to restructure your staff? Or do you think Coulter would be willing to do it?

We need the whole place filled with hardcore Jew-hating racists.

But wait a second… now that I’m reading the rest of this article… I don’t think you are trying to gas kikes at all, David French…

I understand frustration at political correctness. In fact, I’ve done something about it, filing more lawsuits to protect students and professors from campus PC tyranny than perhaps any other lawyer in the United States. I agree with the incredulity and rage at elites’ unwillingness to secure the border and their insistence that every immigration debate has to be racialized, with conservatives constantly accused of bigotry. In their frustration, I’ve even seen conservatives I call friends deride those they deem insufficiently devoted to the cause as “cucks” and “cuckservatives.”

In addition to being a derogatory, insulting slur, the word provides aid and comfort to the trolls whose tweets I’ve posted above. Just as bad, it enables and feeds the Left’s own engine of racial grievance.

Conservatives should reject those on both extremes of the spectrum. We defend a culture, not a race. The foundation of that culture is a faith that makes no distinction among races but rather declares, unequivocally, “All are one, in Christ Jesus.” Shunning the slur disempowers the trolls and forces the radical Left to confront the race hatred that fuels its own rage.

What the hell is this crap, Dave? First you say we have to get rid of cuckservatives, and gas all kikes, then you say we have to stop racism and adopt Black babies?

Are you escorting that child back to Africa, or... what exactly is going on here?
Are you escorting that child back to Africa, or… what exactly is going on here?

Dear readers: I am sorry this article isn’t funny. I had a plan for it, then when I was writing it, I sort of forgot what the plan was. Anyway, not everything I write is top kek, I am not a kek-machine. -Andrew Anglin