National Park Service Order to Stop Using Twitter After Mocking Inauguration

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 22, 2017

We may just get that authoritarian fascist government we’ve been dreaming of.

The National Park Service used their official account to post this picture mocking Trump’s inauguration:

The slimy rats promptly received this order from the Trump administration:


We have received direction from the Department through [the Washington Support Office] that directs all [Department of Interior] bureaus to immediately cease use of government Twitter accounts until further notice.

PWR parks that use Twitter as part of their crisis communications plans need to alter their contingency plans to accommodate this requirement. Please ensure all scheduled posts are deleted and automated cross-platform social media connections to your twitter accounts are severed. The expectation is that there will be absolutely no posts to Twitter.

In summary, this Twitter stand down means we will cease use of Twitter immediately. However, there is no need to suspend or delete government accounts until directed.?

This does not affect use of other approved social media platforms. We expect further guidance to come next week and we will share accordingly.

Thanks for your help!

This is exactly – EXACTLY – what we wanted to see.

Cucks getting BTFO.

If this is the standard being set, we’re in for a hell of an 8 year ride, brothers.