National Guard Troops Bow Down to Worship Blacks

Following the national religion of worshiping black people, National Guard troops in Hollywood, California have gotten down on one knee to pray to the blacks.

On Tuesday, the men, who are uniformed American soldiers even if the Guard is not a serious branch of the military, spontaneously dropped down and started worshiping the blacks after they had been sent out to stop them from looting.

The crowd of looters was extremely happy to be worshiped in this way.

This bizarre and disgusting scene comes after police across the nation were filmed bowing down to worship black people in the streets.

Normal people are left wondering what the hell is going on. The blacks are rioting and looting and burning down cities because they claim they are abused by the authorities. The authorities are sent out to stop them from doing this and instead they bow down and worship the blacks.

Normal people are caught up in this battle between the cops and the blacks, which often turns into the cops worshiping the blacks in a religious ritual performed on the streets. We wonder where our place is in a society where this is happening.