National Guard Being Deployed to Inject Goyim with Experimental Gene Therapy Cocktail

They’re not saying they’re going to force vaccinate you.

But they are sending the military in to vaccinate you.

And typically when people think of “the military,” they think of “force.”

New York Times:

As tens of thousands of his National Guard colleagues descended on the nation’s capital to ensure the peaceful transfer of presidential power, 10 miles up the road, Emmanuel Alfaro was doing what he viewed as the pinnacle of his career in the Guard: administering Covid-19 vaccines to his fellow citizens.

“It’s a highlight, being able to come out and help the public out,” said Mr. Alfaro, a senior airman and medic with the 175th Air National Guard, whose normal duties are helping at health care centers in Maryland.

As the pandemic continues to rage nationwide and a vaccine program to control it struggles, governors are increasingly turning to the National Guard to help expedite the process. At least 16 states and territories are using Guard members to give shots, drawing on doctors, nurses, medics and others skilled in injections.

Many more states are using thousands more Guard personnel for logistical tasks, like putting together vaccine kits and moving them around, logging in patients and controlling lines at state vaccination sites. In West Virginia, for example, about 100 Guard troops are assisting with distribution across the state.

“We are a logistical operation here,” said Maj. Holli Nelson, a spokeswoman for the Guard there. “That is what the military does best.”

The growing presence of the Guard is a stark reminder that even as the country reels from the attack on the Capitol last week, a pandemic continues to roil all the states, which are struggling to expedite a complex vaccine program with no modern precedent.

Since January of last year, 1 in 14 people who live in the United States have been infected with the coronavirus, and at least 1 in 862 have died.

That’s just total bullshit.

But hey, whatever. I’m sick of posting the facts.

Here’s Madam Birx.

You can draw your own conclusions about what that means.

I’m done.

States like California and Arizona, with some of the highest number of infections in the nation, are contending with exhaustion among health care workers and inundations across their medical centers.

“States are naturally looking at alternative ways to get out the limited supply of vaccines,” said Claire Hannan, the executive director of the Association of Immunization Managers. “We are seeing more and more states using the National Guard and thinking bigger.”

In Maryland, Gov. Larry Hogan originally planned to disseminate vaccines largely through private health care providers and drugstore chains, setting up state-run clinics later. Last week, realizing that the private sector was unable to ramp up operations as quickly as he had hoped, Mr. Hogan turned to 140 Maryland National Guard members to help with pop-up sites in three counties and will be adding six more next week to help county and state health officials.

Besides all this creepy ass shit with the vaccines, and their obsession with giving it to you, even while admitting that it probably doesn’t work, this is also going to serve to normalize having military on the streets, working in a civilian capacity.

A big part of America’s future is going to involve a heavy presence of uniformed military on the streets, both to enforce coronavirus rules – such as masks and not standing close to each other – and to enforce racial justices and make sure no one walks around in a MAGA hat (terrorism).

This is probably not going to be nearly as bad in deep red states and counties. So I’d advise everyone to pack up and move, as soon as possible.