Nation of New Zealand Dons Hijab in Spontaneous Mass Islamic Conversion Event

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 23, 2019

This is a nation capitulating IN REAL TIME.

Which… well, we’re not going to save White civilization without breaking a few eggs, right?

But my money was NOT on New Zealand being the first country to mass convert. No, I had another damn island populated by Anglos in mind when I played out that scenario in my head.

But I was wrong. Brenton Tarrant accelerated things.

Times Now News:

In solidarity with Muslims after the ghastly Christchurch mosque attacks, women all over New Zealand donned hijab on Friday to show solidarity with Muslims a week after 50 people were killed at two mosques.

It all started when a doctor in Auckland, Thaya Ashman, decided to encourage people to wear a headscarf after hearing about a Muslim woman who was too scared to wear one as she thought that it would make her a target for terrorism.

Women are always into activism that involves fashion and getting to try out new clothes… and being shrill, authoritarian and emotionally shallow.

They’re also into being completely manipulative, lying cunts. 

The shooter didn’t target women wearing veils, he targeted the invading brown hordes of Moslems. Why would they feel unsafe? Furthermore, as we all well know, Moslems are a protected class in society. If anything, the experience of everyone walking on eggshells around her might have convinced her to give Islam a try.

While this initiative received support from Twitterati few critics said that headscarves are a sign of female oppression. Many NZ news anchors also wore headscarves while presenting news. Earlier, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was called a “Hero” and received won widespread praise for putting on a black headscarf while meeting members of the Muslim community hours after the shootings.

A woman police officer kept guard at a Christchurch cemetery, where shooting victims were buried on Thursday, with a scarf over her head and an automatic weapon in her hands, reported Reuters.

Rachel MacGregor, who initiated the Head Scarf for Harmony campaign, said that she was really worried while going out with her head covered and added that people started staring at her when she entered her office building. She, however, added that she now appreciates the fact what it feels to be a minority in a country and wear things which the majority rarely wear. 

Another thing: people are saying that modesty is a good thing and women covering up is a refreshing new trend.

Ridiculous. A piece of cloth doesn’t have magical powers that un-THOT a high T aggro-bitch Western slut. Case in point, Lindsay Lohan converted to Islam as a fad, but then dropped the LARP almost immediately.

All it took was a new MTV offer for her to get back to being her old immodest self.

People say that women naturally want to be submissive and this is the reason for the whole hijab thing.

To that, I say, “maybe” or, alternatively, “I am the god of HELLFIRE!”

Western women sure as hell don’t respond well to displays of supreme ZFG alphatude that the likes of Brenton Tarrant displayed, and they sure don’t look like they’re planning on handing over their TV anchor and high positions in government over to men, whether they’re in a hijab or not. So this is still a debatable point, is what I’m saying.

I think we can all agree though, things are certainly accelerating. 

I don’t see anyone in Cuck Island I or Cuck Island II fighting back though. If there are any benefits to the acceleration, they will be felt in the United States, as Saint Tarrant expected that they would be.

The New Zealand gun grab coupled with the mass-veiling will definitely sound an alarm bell in White America. The images are so alarming and distressing that a lot of people are going to be shocked out of complacency as they see just how quickly a government can pivot towards total Islam and total no-guns.

We’re writing whole new chapters in international White partisan strategy as we go, boys.

Apparently, shooting up a mosque will cause the female politicians of the country where the attack occurred start converting to Islam en masse… who knew?