Nation of Islam Speaker Banned from San Diego State University for Hurting Feelings of the Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 24, 2019

Ava Muhammad has a lot of smart things to say.

I like this woman.

But of course, she’s not going to be allowed anywhere near anything. Because the only blacks that are allowed anywhere near anything are the ones who blame whites for everything and never mention the evil Jew behind the curtain.

The Jews also don’t like it when black people speak out against alcohol, drugs and depraved sex – because they want the blacks to be a menace to white society, not religious, good-acting people.

She was originally invited to speak at a San Diego State University event, but after a Twitter mob became outraged that she spoke against our precious chosen ones, calling them what they are – “bloodsucking parasites” – she was banned from appearing.

San Diego Union-Tribune:

Barely a week ago, San Diego State University was celebrating a student who had proposed a summit on U.S. reparations for slavery and come up with a list of possible speakers, including some prominent ones.

It quickly turned into an “uh-oh” moment when some of the school’s faculty pointed out that one of the speakers has been accused of anti-Semitism — news that spilled onto social media, causing an uproar.

The summit still might happen. But SDSU quietly announced Monday that the student has revised the speakers list to avoid “those who have espoused anti-Semitic rhetoric in the past.”

The problem “should have been caught much, much earlier,” said Peter Herman, an SDSU literature professor who brought the controversy to light last week in a local newspaper.

Who is going to be in an “uproar” over anything this woman said, other than the Jews?

Why shouldn’t she be able to say whatever she wants about the Jews?

Why shouldn’t anyone be able to say whatever they want about anyone, for that matter?

If the Jews aren’t bloodsucking parasites, then it is their right to defend themselves against any such allegations. Or they can simply ignore it. Black people call white people all sorts of nasty things. Sometimes I might feel a need to counter their claims, other times I simply ignore it. Never do I create an “uproar” and try to silence them.

This is only a Jewish tactic.

Ta-Nehisi Coates was also invited to this event.

That frog-faced nigger has said all sorts of horrible things about white people.

He isn’t getting his appearance canceled.

Because it is only Jews that you’re not allowed to criticize.

And Ta-Nehisi is a good little frog nigger who would never speak out against his Jew daddies.