‘Nasty Women’s Choir’ Destroys Christmas Songs by Turning Them Into Feminist Propaganda

Daily Stormer
December 19, 2016

Feminists make sure to be intolerable every day of the year!

Christmas Day is almost upon us. The majority of us are busy rushing around to finish those last minute details before the big day. Buying the rest of the presents, doing food shopping for that glorious lunch that will be served, making sure the house is decorated with enough Christmas spirit, organizing that the children take that yearly photo on Santa’s lap and updating the Christmas music library.

Every one knows that Christmas should be a joyful time, right? Apparently not.

Do you know what feminists are focused on with Christmas so close?

Their ‘right’ to risk-free sex.

Their parents must be so proud

Like a child, they keep throwing tantrums and repeating the same old arguments day in and out despite the fact that they’ve lost the battle and the answer is no.


A self-proclaimed ‘Nasty Women’s Choir’ gathered by a national feminist activist group traveled to Trump International Hotel to spread “nastiness” to President-elect Donald Trump through a series of revised holiday songs attacking the president-elect’s anti-reproductive rights stances.

The #NastyorNice contraception campaign—a reference to Trump’s characterization of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as “such a nasty woman” during a presidential debate—was organized by the National Organization for Women.

Roughly 13 a capella singers sang popular songs revised to criticize Trump and promote women’s reproductive choices and their right to determine their own healthcare decisions.

The organization handed out a “Nasty Women’s Choir Songbook” consisting of the songs.

The campaign—which drew 150 to 200 people who appeared along the way—was inspired by the rise in searches for intrauterine devices following the election.

According to Google Trends, Google searches for IUDs spiked exponentially in the hours after President-elect Trump was declared the winner, the group said.

We are here spreading, spreading our nastiness because this guy and those people do not know what we are made of because this is what democracy looks like,” May Nazarene, development manager for NOW-NYC, told the crowd, pointing to Trump International Hotel.

You can view the complete songbook here.

Why are they allowed to sing these lyrics in public? 

The lyrics are downright disgusting and encourage degenerate behavior.

They have no right to go out into the streets and normalize the downfall of society.

As for using carols as feminist propaganda, maybe it’s because they’re childless, but parents usually learn to put politics and personal worries aside to make sure that Christmas is a fun and worry-free for the kids. Feminists don’t know what it’s like to not put themselves first, so the world constantly revolves around them and their whore needs.

Nobody (adult or child) wants be out doing Christmas shopping and have this vile narrative shoved down their throat.

People deserve to hear the real and original carols.

The songbook that included songs such as Donald Trump is Coming to Town,” “Hark! The Nasty Women Sing,” “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,” “Little Trumper BoyandHave Yourself a Nasty Little Christmas.

In the songs, Trump was characterized as the “first orange president” and “a threat to women’s rightsand stated that his presidency appeals to “Republican friends with conservative views—misogynists, whites, supremacists too.”

He’s making a list and checking it twice, gonna find out who’s nasty and nice,” the group sang in Donald Trump is Coming to Town, garnering laughter and applause from the audience.

Donald Trump is coming to town. He sees you when you’re screwing, he knows which boobs are fake. He knows if you are straight or bi, don’t be gay for (Vice President-elect Mike) Pence’s sake!”

And when are they going to stop running with the nasty woman thing? At first was cringeworthy, but now it’s just plain boring.

From their website:

They’ll stand up for human beings of ever gender, race, class or sexual identity. Except for you evil straight white males.

If these feminists had families to look after, they would not be out on the streets making complete fools of themselves.

You know who doesn’t have time to butcher Christmas songs? That woman.

Make sure you visit their Facebook page and tell them what you think about their slutty lyrics, which they seem to think is okay for public consumption.

If anything, these ‘women’ have just reminded us why Emperor Trump is the president America needs.

He can’t and won’t be stopped.