Nasty Old Jew Bette Midler Suggests Trump Should be Assassinated

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 7, 2020

Repulsive Jew Bette Midler is highly concerned that the president of America is “too goyish.”

This isn’t as extreme as some of these people have been with their calls for assassination, and probably is not actionable even if the FBI cared about stopping people from threatening to murder the president.

But Bette Midler’s message in saying of Donald Trump, “HE WILL RULE YOU UNTIL HE DIES, YOU DIE, OR BOTH,” is clearly a suggestion that the president should be killed.

That is the level that most of the Jewish left is on at this point. They have tried a Russian hoax, they have tried a Ukraine hoax, and the president is still standing. So in their view, the only option left is for Trump to DIE.

The comment from the Jew Midler came after Trump had posted a 2018 video from a Time Magazine article claiming that his ideas will outlast his presidency, as the GOP has been fundamentally altered by him. The video features Trump campaigns going all the way to 2040.

I no longer have faith that Trumpism is even a thing, and I do not know how it is presently defined, other than as anti-snowflake tweeting.

Donald Trump Jr. is being groomed as the future representative of Trumpism, and other than simply defending Trump from plans to try to oust him, all he does is spew memes from 2015 about snowflakes getting triggered. We see him doing that on television and we saw him doing that when he was chased off stage by groypers last year.

Donald Trump Jr.’s book, which is being marketed as a manifesto of Trumpism, is literally called “Triggered.”

If he would have titled it “Cringe Boomer Book of Old Memes Written by Ghost Writer,” he would have demonstrated a level of self-awareness that would have sold more copies.

But self-awareness is clearly not Jr.’s strong suit, and his father’s level of self-awareness appears to be collapsing quickly, as in his senile old age, he appears to be taking his own memes much too seriously.

All that having been said, the Jews do not care. They continue to see Donald Trump as we saw him in 2016: as an existential threat to the status quo of Jewish America. And no matter how much Trump gives to Israel, no matter how feeble his memes get, that isn’t going to change.