The Resource Prospector mission would have sent a rover to the moon’s polar regions to learn about water and other deposits on and just beneath the lunar surface. Scientists have sent an open letter to new NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, urging him not to shut down the agency’s only current moon mission, which has already been in development for four years, according to a report by The Verge.

The Resource Prospector mission consisted of a lander and a solar-powered rover equipped with a drill. The rover would have scouted the lunar surface, digging up soil for analysis. Scientists know that water ice exists on the moon, but the Resource Prospector would have provided scientists with a more complete understanding of these deposits.

I never wrote about it. Because maybe I forgot. Or maybe I was just like “oh I don’t want to get into this conspiracy theory debate.”

But I mean, just between me and you dude, that moon landing shit… seems pretty fake to me.

I would like, never write that publicly on the Daily Stormer, but I mean – come on. That shit is silly.

And then they don’t have the resources to do in 2019 what they did in 1969?

The whole thing just seems like total bullshit to me. And I’m not a big conspiracy guy.

But I mean, have you seen the pictures of this thing that supposedly landed on the moon when most people in the country didn’t even have color TV yet?

The thing about conspiracy theories is that they have to have a reason for me to be able to believe them… and definitely in the middle of the cold war and the space race with the USSR they had a reason.

I mean, just if you read through the Wikipedia page on the conspiracy, you find stuff like this:

In 2002, NASA granted US$15,000 to James Oberg for a commission to write a point-by-point rebuttal of the hoax claims. However, NASA canceled the commission later that year, after complaints that the book would dignify the accusations.

And um.

Did you know they allegedly lost all of the data on how they did it, and that is one of the reasons that they say they can’t go back?

That they accidentally lost or wrote over the tapes?

I mean, come on.

Really, rather than some kind of massive conspiracy, it just seems like war propaganda that they are now trying to justify because it would be embarrassing to be like “lol sry.”

But you can’t even talk about it now without a bunch of spergs in the comments section saying that it means the earth is flat. So whatever. I won’t ever write about it on the Daily Stormer or talk about it publicly.

But just between me and you, yeah, shit seems like total bullshit to me.