NASA Atrocity Hoaxes Chinese Space Debris

Why would China do this?

Although you had to squint to see it, the Chinese space debris entered the atmosphere on a slant, creating a dangerous chink in the aerial slope.

NASA panned China for refusing to play it cool and zipping right past protocols.


NASA has lambasted China for its failure to “meet responsible standards” after debris from its out-of-control rocket likely plunged into the Indian Ocean Saturday night.

“Spacefaring nations must minimize the risks to people and property on Earth of re-entries of space objects and maximize transparency regarding those operations,” said NASA Administrator Sen. Bill Nelson in a statement released on the space agency’s website Sunday.

“China is failing to meet responsible standards regarding their space debris,” he added.

Most of the huge Long March 5B rocket, however, burned up on reentering the atmosphere, the China Manned Space Engineering Office said in a post on WeChat, before landing just west of the Maldives.

It was unclear if any debris had landed on the atoll nation.

America is turning into an atoll nation as this nonstop China talk is taking a toll on me.

I feel like all I ever write about is China and trannies. I recently changed the name of the site from “Daily Stormer” to “TRANNY WATCH,” and registered it as a non-profit organization “devoted to keeping the hormones of men and boys in alignment with the order of nature.”

It might as well be called the Chinese defense force.

Every day, I have to go out there and defend the Chinese.

The first time I was in China, like 15 years ago or maybe more, I met this thin white girl at the hostel. White girls were thin back then, and you could meet them at hostels and have fun. We went out and got drunk and ate BBQ. After we ate several sticks of a delicious meat, she said we should ask what the meat was. I said that was a bad idea because it was probably dog or rat or something. She knew the Mandarin words for “what is it?” because she literally had a copy of Lonely Planet (oh the nostalgia). The Chinaman did donkey ears and made a donkey noise.

Never did I expect, sitting there eating that donkey with a thin white girl, that my life would revolve around defending the Chinese.

But here we are.

Everything these people at CNN say is a lie, because they are government mouthpieces and the government is attempting to start a war with China.

There is all kinds of shit falling out of space all the time.

A month ago, you could see Elon Musk’sย space debris falling over land (as opposed to an ocean) over the Pacific Northwest.

Only one person ever in history died from space debris, and he actually died from putting out a fire caused by something that fell from a Russian rocket started in Kazakhstan. That was in 2017. No one ever has been hit by a piece of debris.

Does anyone think China would risk something falling and killing people in a foreign country? With all that is going on right now? Does it make any sense at all that they would take such a risk?

Because they would not do that. Chinese people are different, but they’re not stupid. They understand that killing someone with space debris would be very bad policy while they’re currently the victim of a global smear campaign by the US State Department.

But they get smeared anyway because hey – this could have been the first death ever in history from space debris! Because the Chinese are known for their recklessness.