Narrative Collapse: 21% of New Yorkers Test Positive for Corona Antibodies

The media keeps comparing the coronavirus situation to that of 911. What I can tell you is that the narrative surrounding the coronavirus is now in freefall collapse, just like those three towers.

Following the California study which showed that 5.1% of the population of LA County had the antibodies, meaning they had had the virus and recovered, we have a study from New York City – the epicenter of this virus – showing that a full 21% have had the virus.

The casual way in which this is being reported by the media and Nipples Cuomo is simply astonishing. There is no admission of guilt, there is no apology, and they don’t even bother to explain what the implication is, hoping that people simply won’t be able to recognize the fact that this means, absolutely, that everything they told us about this virus was a lie.


More evidence is emerging that far more New Yorkers have had the coronavirus than the number confirmed by lab tests, officials said Thursday, offering insight that could help authorities decide how and how quickly to let people stop isolating from friends and return to work.

Blood samples collected from about 3,000 people indicated that nearly 14% had developed antibodies to fight a coronavirus infection, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said at his daily news briefing.

In New York City, the epicenter of the pandemic in the U.S., 21% of the people tested had antibodies.

It’s not know yet how much protection antibodies provide or how long that immunity might last, and Cuomo cautioned that the data was preliminary. The sample of people tested was small. Participants were hastily recruited at shopping centers and grocery stores, meaning they were healthy enough to be out in public.

But the governor said knowing how many people have antibodies — and who might possibly be immune to the virus — could potentially help set policy on when to reopen parts of the state.

“We’ll have a larger and larger sample. But I want to see snapshots of what is happening with that rate. Is it going up, is it flat, is it down? And it can really give us data to make decisions,” Cuomo said.

This article by the Associated Press does not even mention the fact that this means the case fatality rate (CFR) is now nothing even close to what was claimed by the media and government. Cuomo didn’t say that. They are literally just playing it straightfaced, hoping you don’t understand what has just happened.

Look at the headline:

This time around, the New York Times ran a slightly better headline, though the article is pure garbage and doesn’t make any mention at all of the fact that this paper has been shoving “5.9 PERCENT CFR GOY” down the throats of the population to create a mass hysteria.

Because not one of these articles is doing the math, let us go ahead and do it ourselves.

They told us that the denominator of the CFR equation was the total number of those who took a test and tested positive. Using that insane statistical method, which has never been used ever in calculating the CFR of a disease, they gave us numbers between 5-6%.

In fact, Jews of Gothamist published this graph Thursday, at the same time this study was going to print, claiming that the CFR is 5.45%.

If we plug in the real numbers, based on this random testing, we get something very different.

By the official count (which I must again stress is exaggerated in multiple different ways), there have been 15,740 deaths from coronavirus in New York state.

Based on these testing methods, there is an estimated 2,700,000 people who have contracted and built immunity to the virus.

With that as our new denominator, the CFR becomes 0.59%

In the city, the CFR is slightly higher – 11,267 of an estimated 1,764,000 is 0.64%.

That is significantly higher than the flu tends to be (between 0.1% and 0.2%) and significantly higher than the CFR in Los Angeles, which was 0.15%. I personally have a very difficult time buying this number, as it would be the highest that has been recorded anywhere in the world where random tests have been performed.

I think that New York has a lot of room to pad their numbers because they’re a big city which normally has a lot of death. There’s also a possibility this test was performed less than honestly.

Whatever the case, it is one tenth of what they are telling us it is (compared to 50 times less than what they told us it was in California).

The scumbag virologists are lashing out at Cuomo for doing the tests.

But the real story here is not even the case fatality rate. That should be the real story from the media, since they hoaxed it so badly. But for us, who already knew this was a hoax, the real story is that 21% is effectively the entire population. Once you get to that level, there is no possibility of “containment,” which was such a completely stupid idea to begin with.

It is clear that the reason this many people got the virus was the crazy system of lockdown, which appears to have been designed to maximize the spread. People were allowed to go to the very crowded supermarkets, where for weeks after the lockdown began, they were not even wearing masks because the Surgeon General inexplicably said that wearing a mask makes you more likely to get infected.

People would pick up the virus at the supermarket, and then everyone in their family would be exposed because they were all locked in together. There is also some evidence, per a 2007 Oxford study, that the flu can spread through a ventilation system of an apartment building during the winter when the windows are all shut, which would be a serious problem in New York where the majority of the population lives in large apartment buildings.

There is no conceivable reason to continue the quarantine. I obviously don’t think there was any reason to start it in the first place, but every single prediction, from 100,000-240,000 dead in the first two weeks of April, to overwhelmed hospitals, to the kook fake case fatality rate, has been wrong. There is not one single thing they’ve been right about. If this was all a gigantic screw-up, then it is by far the biggest screw-up in history. But the fact that they will not end the lockdown indicates that it was always a gigantic society wide experiment done for purposes we do not understand.

We’re in for a helluva ride whatever happens.

But if these people who run the government staged this hoax, collapsed our economy, stripped us of all of our rights and locked us in our houses as part of an agenda that was planned long before this, as now appears to be the case, then this ride is going to have a lot of extra hell.