NANCY WINS! (This is Not Really a Shocker)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 29, 2018

The queen is given her crown at last!

The Hill:

Democrats voted overwhelmingly on Wednesday to nominate Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) as the next Speaker, underlining her strength within the caucus as she strides toward a tougher public contest in January.
The tally in the secret-ballot vote was 203-32, with three lawmakers leaving the ballot blank. One Pelosi supporter, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.), was absent as he seeks treatment for an illness in New York.

The 32 votes against Pelosi, the current minority leader, would be enough to prevent her from winning the Speaker’s gavel in a Jan. 3 floor vote, which requires support from a majority of the full House.

With Republicans opposed to Pelosi, she could only afford to lose 17 Democratic votes and reach the magic 218 number.

Yet the Wednesday vote mostly pointed to Pelosi’s muscle and vote-counting skills and leaves her with weeks to pick off opponents or to convince them to vote present on Jan. 3, which would lower the number of total votes needed to win the Speakership.

The nomination is a win, there is no way they are going to refuse the nominee and then try to get some other person nominated. That is some weird technical possibility, but it is not the way the system works.

There was never actually any chance that anyone other than Nancy would be speaker.

The media talking about a rebellion against Pelosi was just a lot of noise being made in preparation for future events.

There is some serious portion of Jews who want to side against white people as a whole, including white women. White men are more or less already completely out of leadership positions. The 2020 Democrat primaries are going to be their last hurrah. There is no way a white male can win the primaries (even though a white male would be the only one capable of winning a general election), and after these primaries, white men will simply stop trying to be involved with high level Democrat politics.

There will be a few governors and a few Senators and so on, but they won’t be allowed in any high-profile national office. And Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of Bernie’s Brownies are already preparing to primary all white people.

Some Jews pushed back against this.

But most of the Jewish media appears to be embracing this “transformation.”

I personally embrace it. I want the GOP to clearly be the white party, while the Democrat Party is the party of brown communism, with Jewish communists left trying to hold their positions of power while being attacked as white oppressors by their own brown communists.

I believe very strongly that the current frontier of internet trolling lies in pushing brown communists to oust all white people from the Democrat Party, as well as of course pushing them in an anti-Semitic direction by framing Jews as powerful white people. This is much more productive and I assume much more fun than any other form of trolling one could presently be engaged in.

Furthermore, it is much easier, as you’re not going to get banned from social media for demanding white people be cleansed from the Democrat Party.

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I’ve said this for a long time now, but I see many of you who make fake left-wing accounts end-up posting right wing material with these accounts – this shows a gross lack of self-control. You need to look at this as a role-playing game, where you stay in character. You have the ability to use memes to destroy your opposition by infiltrating them, and you should do that.