Nancy Says Trump Walked the Hell Out of Meeting After She Told Him No Wall

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 10, 2019

So Pelosi is whining that when she told President Trump there was no way she’d agree to fund a wall, he just got up and walked straight the hell out of the meeting.

New York Times:

President Trump stormed out of a White House meeting with congressional leaders on Wednesday after Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she would not fund a border wall even if he agreed to reopen the government, escalating a confrontation that has shuttered large portions of the government for 19 days and counting.

Stunned Democrats emerged from the meeting in the White House Situation Room declaring that the president had thrown a “temper tantrum” and slammed his hands on the table before leaving with an abrupt “bye-bye.” Republicans disputed the hand slam and blamed Democratic intransigence for prolonging the standoff.

When the meeting was over, talks to reopen the government appeared to be in disarray. The contentious, brief and futile session underscored an impasse that is looking each day like an insurmountable gulf between the two sides. Mr. Trump will visit the border on Thursday in McAllen, Tex., leaving little hope of a resolution for a shutdown that will tie the longest in the nation’s history on Friday.

“It wasn’t even a high-stakes negotiation; it was a petulant president of the United States,” Ms. Pelosi said as she returned to the Capitol. “A person who would say, ‘I’ll keep government shut down for weeks, months or years unless I get my way.’”

Mr. Trump called the exercise “a total waste of time.”

I wouldn’t even be promoting this if I were the Democrats.

I know they think that this “toddler with temper tantrums” line is good, and I’m also sure it’s tested really well in marketing groups with catladies, but there’s surely a ceiling on that when you apply it to general audiences. Furthermore, a focus group doesn’t necessarily imply a time-limit on a term, and I don’t think that “toddler temper tantrum” has the life of say “Russian collusion” or for that matter “manufactured crisis” – even with the Democrat target audience.

It seems that this term will eventually trivialize the whole thing further, which doesn’t really serve your purpose when you are trying to convince people that federal workers not getting paychecks or national parks having trash in them is something that normal people should be really, really concerned about and feel a sense of a need for immediate action on.

Cher has come out and said that Nancy should not die on the hill of the wall.

At least that is what Fox News is saying this series of tweets says.

I will just have to take their word on it, as I do not speak whatever you call the unique language of boomer internetspeak.

I know that the argument is that boomers never actually had to write during their adult lives and so just never developed the skill that the rest of us who grew up using typed speech more than spoken speech have, but it really is hard not to just believe that these people all have the minds of children.

As to why it matters what Cher says: she is the ultimate Queen of the catlady species of boomer.

She sung their divorce anthem (which she obviously didn’t write, as you can see from her twitter she is no more literate than your average nigger).

Which is underrated as one of the most poisonous pieces of culture ever.

Released in 1998, at the latter end of the boomer divorce boom, it was telling women in their 30s and 40s that it didn’t really matter if they got divorced, they could just go out and do “true love” again.

It really defined the culture of that period.


“Believe” reached number one in countries including Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and the United States. It earned Cher a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest female solo artist to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and became the highest-selling single by a solo female artist in the United Kingdom. It is one of the bestselling singles, with sales of over 11 million copies worldwide.

As a casualty of the “fuck my children, I deserve infinite teenager-style joy” generation’s project, I remember seeing boomer women rocking this song nonstop, and I guarantee that it not only justified divorces for them, but actually encouraged a lot of them to go ahead and destroy their marriages.

There was a drop off in divorces going into 2000, because by that point most boomers were getting past the point where people have a desire to divorce. Divorce becomes less likely every year a couple is married (which is really the only piece of advice that any couple considering divorce needs).

Even the “fuck my kids” generation isn’t likely to get a divorce after 20 years.

Cher’s anthem was a form of social terrorism that ruined a whole helluva lot more lives than the 911 attacks.

Anyway, I’m not saying that all catladies are following Cher – though a whole lot of them are. But more importantly, she embodies the essence of the catlady soul. And if she is saying it, the catlady hivemind is shifting in that direction.

That is why it is relevant that she is coming out with this.

Of course, there is not really any room for Nancy and Chuck to reconsider at this point. All of their chips are on the table and once your chips are on the table you cannot pull them out – if you fold, you lose all your chips.

That is the way the game works.

For them to come out now and say “oh okay I guess we can build an immoral wall for the evil orange man” would be political suicide. Right at the beginning of their glorious reign in the House.

It would taint things much worse than John McCain tainted Trump’s agenda by fucking over his healthcare thing at the beginning of his term.

Furthermore, the Democrats are much more concerned about pleasing brown people than catladies at this point. That’s yet another place they’ve gone all in. And they know that no matter what, catladies are going to side with them over the evil patriarchal orange man that in their own psychology represents every single man that they blame for every single thing that has gone wrong in their lives.

I have no predictions as to whether or not Trump can actually get the wall money.

Right now, it looks like he probably will, because a bunch of government stuff that is going to affect Democrats a lot more than Republicans is getting ready to expire. Stuff that is a whole helluva lot more important than fed paychecks and national parks. Trump is saying food stamps for example might last through February, but won’t last through March.

Whatever happens, he is personally going to win, as long as he doesn’t crack. If Mitch McConnell cracks, Trump can force Congress to override his veto, which will buy him a huge amount of political capital – even without money for a wall.