Nancy Pelosi Wins House Speakership, Again (The Squad Totally Cucks – Spineless!)

Nancy never loses.

She is like Mitch McConnell – these people just simply do not ever lose, no matter what happens.

At one point during Sunday’s floor vote, the refusal of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of the anti-Pelosi faction of the Democrats threatened to give the Speakership to Kevin McCarthy, which was apparently shocking to some people.

Frankly, if these “progressive” Democrats were not cowards and traitors to their own communist agenda, they would have held the line.

Instead, they all blinked.

Rightfully, many are identifying them as cowards, who should have ridden the dragon all the way to the land of Honalee.

I am 100% on-board with abandoning the GOP completely, and I feel pretty strongly that we are going to get our people on board with that agenda before the Democrat communists get their people on board with rejecting the mainstream establishment party.

The good news is: regardless of any setbacks (and I actually consider the Squad cuckout a setback to my own agenda, as much as to theirs), both things appear to be happening, simultaneously, and we appear to be hurdling headlong into a millennial dominated political landscape of extremism on both sides.

Nancy and Mitch are good friends, and they are a unified enemy of the people.

I don’t dream of any reality where the far-left and far-right unite against the establishment. That is totally impossible, because the far-left is totally unhinged and ridiculous, and wants to inject little boys with estrogen and then hand them over to homosexuals to rape.

However, I do envision a political landscape where you have total polarization between us and them.

The biggest problem with that is that we no longer have the ability to affect anything through voting, as the Democrats have totally seized control of the actual mechanics of the voting process.

However, that isn’t a deal breaker. We are going to be outside the vote, organizing our forces, whilst they hold the government, pushing it into more and more deranged lunacy.

I believe this is going to be interesting. And I do believe it is actually happening.

The boomers are dying, folks. They are old and they are dying. That period is over. We are less than a decade away from a white minority in this country. And when we are a minority – well, that is when the fun starts. No one is going to be able to deny that we are in a position where, as whites and as Christians, we either have to fight or die.