Nancy Pelosi Whines About Minor Vandalism in Her Decadent Office

I read the headline “Nancy Pelosi Gives 60 Minute Tour of Her Vandalized Office,” as if the tour was 60 minutes long.

I can’t be the only one who read the headline like that. It’s only missing an “s.” And most of us are confirmed speed readers at this point, aren’t we?

The Hill:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi showed “60 Minutes” the damage done to her office when a mob breached the U.S. Capitol building in an effort to stop Congress from certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory.

Pelosi showed CBS’s Lesley Stahl a door that was broken in during the riot. She also showed a conference room where she said her staffers barricaded the door and hid under a table with the lights off during the riot.

The show played an audio recording from one of Pelosi’s staffers of a mob banging on a door in the office and yelling.

Pelosi said rioters also smashed a mirror in her private office, stole a computer and more.

Stahl noted that the FBI is investigating whether any of the rioters sought to go beyond stopping Congress’s certification of the Electoral College results in order to harm lawmakers or staffers. The chaos interrupted Congress’s certification of the Electoral College vote in the race for the White House between President Trump and President-elect Joe Biden.

Pelosi told “60 Minutes” that the rioters “were vocally saying ‘where’s the speaker? We know she has staff. They’re here some place. We’re going to find them.’”

Imagine that the media thinks they are capable of making Nancy Pelosi a sympathetic figure because someone smashed her mirror.

Meanwhile, a woman was killed for trying to protest her.

I’ve said clearly: “the government can crack down on anyone it wants to crack down on.” But now, we’re getting to a 100% crackdown.

When Trump is gone, and these people can no longer use him as this talismatic figure of hate, who exactly is going to be left supporting the status quo? The answer is: just a few Affluent White Female Liberals (AWFLs).

And as they lose their affluence – which most of them are bound to do, given the way things are going with this coronavirus freefall – I don’t think their main concern is going to be gender pronouns.

In the long run here, Pelosi and her office have about as much sympathy as Lindsey Graham at the airport.

Obviously, every political analyst knows this, which is why they’re planning an iron fist.