Nancy Pelosi Thanks George Floyd for Dying


This video is from last week, and it isn’t really important, but this is a filler article.

Nancy Pelosi, giving a speech on racial justice, thanked George Floyd for “sacrificing [his] life for justice.”

I understand that she was attempting to frame him as some kind of Saint, who died fighting for some kind of cause. But that isn’t even the narrative of the media. The media doesn’t claim that when he was resisting arrest, yelling “mommy, mommy, ouchie, ouchie” and refusing to get in the car that he was making some kind of stand against black oppression.

The media narrative is that he did just commit a felony, he was on drugs, he was resisting arrest – but then a white cop killed him because he hated the color of his skin.

There was never anything about Floyd himself fighting for justice, and as some Black Lives Matter supporters posted, according to their narrative, she was thanking him for being murdered.

Nancy Pelosi is probably not personally running very much at the Democrat Party, but she is one of their top public figures. She is right up there with Joe Biden and AOC. If we were to go with the assumption that competent people are running the Democrat Party in secret, then you would have to also assume that they want the Party to look completely incompetent. I don’t think that makes very much sense.

I’m sure you could come up with theories to the contrary, but all evidence points to the leadership of the Democrat Party being an utterly decadent, corrupt disaster, which is in a kind of doom spiral of moronism.

Meanwhile, the military appears to be operating on its own, apparently without even having much communication with the Biden Administration or other leadership of the Democrat Party.

This is all already completely out of control.