Nancy Pelosi Says Republican Congressmen Tried to Bring Guns Into Congress to Kill Her

You thought it was just AOC accusing the Republicans of planning to murder Democrats?

No, no.

“The enemy is within the House of Representatives,” Nancy Pelosi said at a press conference on Friday, adding, “members of Congress who want to bring guns on the floor and have threatened violence on other members of Congress.”

This is the direct quote. That is correct. This is what she actually said. There is no context. She said she needed more security because the enemy is in the house, then when someone asked her what she meant, she said Republican Congressmen are bringing guns to kill people.

Here’s the clip.

Just so you understand: the media is not calling this out like “wait, what?” She said this Friday, and it’s not even a top headline.

I don’t think Republicans came into Congress with guns and tried to kill Democrats, and it is sort of nutty that Nancy Pelosi would suggest such a thing.

Nancy is I think being really influenced by AOC. She might be 80, but she’s still a woman, and still wants to be fashionable and cool.

You can see it, like some woman’s movie where an older woman is inspired to be young at heart. Like with what is that bitch’s name. The old bitch in the movie with Jack Nicholson. I think she was in that other movie with Kevin Spacey about the family house or whatever? The really pretentious one with the roses? I don’t know, who cares.

You know Sandy is doing all this “you go gurrrrrl!” stuff, and you know Nancy is going to go along with it.

Probably they were out for cocktails together and Sandy Cortez was like, “OMG Nancy you should hook up with somebody tonight!” and then Nancy had sex with a younger black guy and that’s where she got her newfound energy.

You kind of expect AOC to be a bit nuts, so when she said Ted Cruz tried to have her assassinated, I was like yeah, okay.

Now with Nancy, I don’t even know.

Also, Nancy’s statement is worse – AOC just suggested a standard, vague “I know you’re trying to kill me.” We’ve all heard women suggest that people are tying to kill them.

But Nancy is saying flat out: “members of Congress who want to bring guns on the floor and have threatened violence on other members of Congress.”

That’s the quote.

She’s not even saying they’ll hire assassins – she’s just flat out saying they’re going to bring in guns and start shooting – inside the Congress.

I don’t know what they’re up to. Are they going to try to just totally destroy the Republican Party completely, based on rumors that they’re planning assassinations?

But this is what I keep trying to explain to you people: there is no point that is “too far.” This is some kind of weird test, probably, to see if their own people will believe that Republican Congressmen are trying to bring guns into Congress to kill Democrats.

Right now, there is nothing really stopping Joe Biden from just declaring that the entire Republican Party is a right-wing and neo-Nazi racist reddit terror conspiracy and having them all arrested. Think about it. Nothing keeping that from happening.