Nancy Pelosi Promotes Extremist Anti-White Witch Hunt (War on Terror 2: This Time It’s You)

Things are getting HOT HOT HOT, m8!

They’re calling us all terrorists, and they’re saying they’re coming for us because we’re white and disagree with the government!

They’re saying it aloud and they’re saying it very, very aggressively!

If you’re starting to feel uneasy because it feels like the government is now literally talking about you personally, and saying you’re a terrorist because you disagree with the policies of the US government – well, I must tell you: this is probably a very good time to start feeling uneasy…!


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she will create a select committee to investigate the January 6 riot at the US Capitol, but claimed the unrest was driven by white supremacist hate and anti-Semitism well ahead of the inquiry.

Pelosi announced the new congressional committee on Thursday, saying the House-led investigation would look into the “root causes” of the incident, as well as what precautions could have been taken to better secure the halls of Congress.

“This morning, with great solemnity and sadness, I am announcing the House will be establishing a select committee on the January 6th insurrection,” Pelosi said during a press conference, adding that the probe would be two-pronged.

“One is about the root causes of it. The white supremacy, the anti-Semitism, the Islamophobia, all the rest of it that was so evident when you see a sweatshirt on one of the people saying ‘Camp Auschwitz.’”

That one shirt is literally the only “link” to “anti-Semitism.”

Honestly, I haven’t even heard it claimed that there was a link to anti-Semitism – but Pelosi is making it a headline.

The (sad) reality is that most of the boomers involved in the Capitol Storm were probably Israel Firsters. Even if they’re not, they weren’t yelling about Jews.

The reason she is framing this as relating to anti-Semitism is that the Jews who control her want to round-up anti-Semites for their speech, and what she is laying the groundwork for is a mass round-up of speech criminals.

The committee will also focus on “the security of the Capitol and what it means to be ready for such an insurrection,” Pelosi continued. “While I think we could have been better prepared, I don’t think anybody would have foreseen an insurrection incited by the president of the United States.”

The announcement comes after Senate Republicans blocked legislation that would have created a bipartisan, 9/11-style commission to examine the riot last month. While Democrats have long pushed for such a probe, GOP lawmakers have argued it would become politicized, and that ongoing law enforcement investigations are sufficient.

Pelosi is not the first to suggest the unrest at the Capitol was fueled by racial bigotry and even “white supremacy.” While the riot was ostensibly centered on anger over the outcome of the 2020 presidential race, with supporters of then-incumbent Donald Trump alleging widespread voter fraud, some, including academics and even military leaders, have pinned the incident on “white rage.”

Meanwhile, when asked about courses on “white rage” currently offered at the West Point military academy on Wednesday, General Mark Milley, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, suggested the concept could explain what happened on January 6.

“I want to understand white rage, and I’m white,” Milley told lawmakers during a House hearing. “So what is it that caused thousands of people to assault this building and try to overturn the Constitution of the United States of America? What caused that?”

This Milley guy is literally the biggest faggot since gays in Africa invented anal-ramming thousands of years ago.

Imagine being this big of a race traitor, simply because it will protect your supply of young boy anus.

Basically, the entire military has gone full-anal at this point.

Tucker Carlson hit this fat piece of shit yesterday.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is out there calling for law-abiding Americans to surrender their guns.

He appeared earlier this week with the Anti-White Jewish extremist and terrorist lunatic Merrick Garland to make an announcement on his plan to start the gun grabbery.

Yahoo! News:

President Biden on Wednesday announced his administration’s plan to combat rising rates of violent crime that plague major cities across the United States by further clamping down on gun violence.

“I’ve been at this a long time,” said Biden, who was accompanied by Attorney General Merrick Garland. “There are things we know that work to reduce gun violence and violent crime: background checks for purchasing a firearm are important; [a] ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines; community policing programs that keep neighborhoods safe and keep folks out of trouble. These efforts work, they save lives.”

He’s not talking about the murder rate, which is doubling every year, and is almost all the responsibility of the blacks – no, instead, he’s talking about taking white people’s guns away.


Well, it probably relates to this whole “hunt for the great white thought criminal.”

At least from where I’m sitting, these two things seem deeply related.

Stop me if I’m wrong, but what it looks like is that we are seeing an emerging Bolshevik-style movement to hunt down and mass imprison people who disagree with the new permanent one-party Democrat state.