Nancy, Nancy, Nancy!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 4, 2019

I hate that they created that stupid ongoing drama about “oh maybe Nancy won’t be speaker after all though.”

That is the perfect example of how politics are getting boring again. It was an ongoing story, which was completely a waste of time, because no one actually thought that she wouldn’t be speaker again.

Even though everyone hates her.

Seriously, I don’t think anyone doesn’t hate her.

Who the hell is sitting around thinking “you know who I really do not hate? Nancy Pelosi.”

New York Times:

Ebullient Democrats assumed control of the House on Thursday and elected Representative Nancy Pelosi of California speaker, returning her to a historic distinction as the first woman to hold the post. They then moved to defy President Trump and passed bills that would open government agencies shuttered by an impasse over his insistence on funding for a border wall. Both measures are almost certain to die in the Senate.

On the first day of divided government in a reordered Washington, Ms. Pelosi, now second in line to the presidency, and Mr. Trump clashed from their respective ends of Pennsylvania Avenue almost from dawn until dusk.

The California Democrat began her day by suggesting that a sitting president could be indicted. Late in the day, Mr. Trump made an attention-getting appearance in the White House briefing room with a belligerent demand for a wall on the border with Mexico, drawing a rebuke from the newly installed House speaker, who said she would give no more than a dollar to fund what she branded “an immorality.”

In between, as the start of the new House showcased a younger and more diverse majority in the staid corridors of the Capitol, Ms. Pelosi pledged to run a “unifying” Congress that would bridge partisan divides and heal rifts in a polarized country.

“Our nation is at a historic moment,” she declared. “I pledge that this Congress will be transparent, bipartisan and unifying, that we will seek to reach across the aisle in this country, and across divisions across our nation.”

Oh fuck you, New York Times. You just started a lede with the word “ebullient,” and that is a bridge too far.

All that shit you did with starting all those wars for the Jews, pushing all that faggot shit, forcing black people into my neighborhood, flooding my country with shitholers from every damn place – that wasn’t enough.

You had to go an open an article with the word “ebullient.”

I’m canceling my subscription.

I can’t believe that Nancy said the word “bipartisan.”

I haven’t heard that word in years.

Except when Trump did that thing where he let all of those niggers out of prison, I guess.

What the fuck was that about?

Anyway, yeah, Nancy came in with a bang. She’s intimating she’s going to try and indict Trump.

She says it’s an “open discussion” as to whether or not a president can be indicted.

It actually is not an open question, he has to be successfully impeached first. But she has to say something for the base. I guess. I thought that impeachment talk wasn’t really that popular, so I can’t imagine indictment talk is. I don’t think the Democrat Party has any understanding whatsoever of its own voter base. The media is spewing all of this gibberish, and I think that the Party is confusing what the media is saying with what voters think.

Polling can only go so far. Especially when the media is obsessed with skewing or outright faking polling data. Yes, politicians have internal polling. But is it working?

What is even going on?

How about this clip of Chuck Schumer saying illegal immigration must be stopped and that it is wrong for the media to use the term “undocumented immigrants” – in 2009!

I mean, you can find clips of Hillary Clinton saying shit like “all niggers deserve to be lynched,” but those clips are from the mid-90s.

What the hell does this party even represent?

Basically, the only thing it represents is “orange man bad,” so of course Pelosi has to come out of the gates with some revolutionary rhetoric about how she’s going to put Trump in prison.

Again, I have no idea if people like that or what, but they just don’t have anything else to say.

Personally, I’m happy that Nancy is going to be out there saying all types of goofy shit, and I think it’s great that Democrats won the House so that she has this opportunity.

I’m personally on the pro-nuclear apocalypse train.

Yes, we’re using images from Wasteland 2 now instead of Fallout when we voice our support for nuclear apocalypse. Because I’m done with Fallout. You hear me? I’m done with it.



Cheers, Nancy.

I hope you can make politics less boring with your antics.

This one’s for you, gurl.