Nancy French Admits to Sexual Relationship with Family Pastor in The Washington Post

Hunter Wallace
Occidental Dissent
October 22, 2016


Oh, wow

“I was thinking of her, when the preacher’s thin mouth pressed against mine, his wiry tongue stuck down my throat. He pulled me down onto the love seat and ran his hands over my budding breasts. Though I’d failed the hitchhiker test, I had another chance to prove I was cool enough to deserve attention.

He offered me rides frequently over the next year. He came to the house, ostensibly to talk to my parents but lingered afterward. My parents didn’t suspect he was shoving his hands up my shirt on the porch.

It confused me to hear the values preached from the pulpit but ignored in real life. At church, he talked of how sexual immorality would send you to hell. Was he lying about the hell part or simply willing to let me go there?

Regardless, we were in love. Or, at least, we did the type of things that people in love did. I only knew about this phenomenon from movies, so I operated from the well-worn Hollywood script. …

As soon as I got old enough to leave the house, I quit Christianity, painted my nails black, became a liberal and picked up a cigarette habit.”

Nancy French has told The Washington Post she carried on a sexual relationship with her family pastor for at least a year. She was in love with him. He turned her into a liberal, a goth, and an atheist. It culminated in suicidal thoughts, painting her fingernails black, and picking up a cigarette habit. Fortunately, she was saved from both hellfire and a life on the liberal plantation by listening to Rush Limbaugh.

“When the Trump videotapes broke, I watched the news and Twitter feeds of prominent evangelicals to see justice be done. But what I saw was all-too-familiar and yet somehow still shocking. “This is how men talk,” one said. “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone,” another said another — who used to “focus on the family” and had never uttered that phrase to refer to any Democrat who ever walked the face of the earth. …

Republicans who have lamented the Clintonian proclivity to malign women are now defending the same activities because … well, they idolize power or their own strategic cleverness. Trump, like the preacher, is too important to abandon. We have become what we said we despised. …

I realize now — only now after all these years — it’s all been a facade. The “religious right,” which I’ve defended my whole life, abandoned the posture of “family values” when they had the chance to gain a seat at the table.

Here’s the truth. The GOP once was alive but is now dead. It confuses me to hear the values preached from the podium but ignored in real life; it feels odd to just repurpose a political party into an extension of the trump Empire without acknowledging the values which had so recently dwelled there.

My party — which should’ve been a place of a certain set of values — now shelters an abuser. I’m thinking of this when the GOP presses against me and asks me to close my eyes just one more time.”


Oh, but Trump!

It’s Trump’s fault that Nancy French is adopting African children, theologically cuckolding her husband, and so few people (Rod Dreher excepted) are credulous enough to believe her every hysterical claim on the basis of no evidence whatsoever. The Religious Right can’t be defended anymore from sexism and charges of misogyny! All the men in her party, her church, and her life have failed poor Nancy!

Note: By doing all the things “that people in love did,” Nancy seems to be implying here that she was having sex with the family pastor, and it was all downhill from there to Trumpism.