Naked Black Goes for a Run in High Heels and Turban

The Augusta Chronicle
November 20, 2013

jermaine lloyd
“Wuuutt, nigga, I’m tryna do dis thang.  Roun her is fer rill niggas fir life.  Best get up out mah bidnis.” -Jermaine Lloyd, after being stopped by the cops for running around naked in high heels and a turban

Deputies had to use force Sunday to subdue a naked man wearing only high heels and a turban after spotting him hiding behind a tree trying to put on pink women’s panties and pantyhose.

The man, identified as 28-year-old Jermaine Lloyd, fled from deputies while trying to pull on the undergarments and carrying a purple bag and sweatpants, according to a police report.

Police had been called to Lake Olmstead Park about 7:45 a.m. after the naked man was reported running in the area.

After cornering the suspect, Richmond County sheriff’s Deputy Jonathan Counts pulled his Taser and told Lloyd to get on the ground. Police said Lloyd ran “in a threatening manner” toward Deputy Austin Shepherd, who hit him below the knee with a baton.

After being handcuffed, Lloyd again tried to run from deputies, forcing them to use leg shackles.

Deputies discovered a purple Crown Royal bag that they said Lloyd had dropped while running from police; it had cocaine and marijuana in it.

Sunday’s incident was not Lloyd’s first encounter with deputies this month.

About 11:40 p.m. Wednesday, deputies stopped a 1993 Ford Explorer after it almost ran up the curb at National Hill shopping center on Washington Road. After deputies told Lloyd he was under arrest for driving under the influence, he ran away and escaped arrest.

While preparing the vehicle for towing, police reportedly found cocaine and marijuana.

Lloyd, of the 2100 block of Ellis St., has been charged with possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana, public indecency and obstruction of a law enforcement officer for Sunday’s incident. He also has been charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana, obstruction of a law enforcement officer, driving under the influence and failure to maintain lane from Wednesday’s incident.