Kyle won.

Innocent on all charges.

Kyle cried, and I just about cried myself.

I must say, even with everything that is happening, this feels so good.

The judge told the jurors he will keep them from getting killed.

Not sure how he’s going to do that.

The parasites are going ape.

Joy Reid, who is really the quintessential ungrateful nigger Democrat, is still mourning the literal boy-rapist that Kyle killed.

The Jew Rosenbaum literally raped 5 boys, ages 9 to 11, and this bootlipped Democrat is telling you to think about what a victim he is. This is a very bad look. But they clearly don’t care.

I hope the ape bitch gets sued for all of that shit she talked about Our Boy.


Reading these tweets from these creatures, I’ll tell you – I’ve never disliked black people and Jews more in my entire life than right now.

Oh – and Arabs.

None of these people have ever offered anything to a society built by WHITE MEN. They come here, and they feed off of us, and they hate us for letting them feed off of us.

They’re not ever going to leave us alone. They do not believe we have a right to be left alone. They believe that they have a right to be in our presence. They have a right to access white people, and they owe us nothing for seizing that access. Their entire existence is based around taking things from us. They will not be satisfied until we’re all dead.

Antifa, the paramilitary arm of the FBI, is saying they’re going to burn down the city in revenge.

Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. Who knows. Biden has seemed to dislike riots since he’s been in power.

Finally – we need to not forget all of the people who didn’t defend Kyle. These people – specifically, elected Republicans – are against us as much as the blacks and the Jews, and by pretending to defend whites and not doing so, they are actually more harmful than the parasites.

But for now… just be thankful that something good finally happened.