Mystery on Fat Mountain: Heather Heyer’s Autopsy Nowhere to be Seen – Did She Have a Heart Attack?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 31, 2017

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Two fatties were hit with two cars that were allegedly hit by James Fields’ hot Dodge.

The two sloppy lard asses were the only ones to get hit because they were too fat to get out of the way.

We don’t know which one is Heather Fatty Fat Heyer.

What we also know is that both of these mountains of fat were blocking traffic illegally when the unfortunate (???) accident took place.

The key truth that the media won’t acknowledge however is that neither of these fatties could have been killed by blunt force trauma. The secondary hit just wouldn’t have been powerful enough, especially at the angles they got it.

However, both lard puddles are so huge that heart failure was imminent either way.

And I think that is what happened.

However, we have no autopsy.

And Reddit has been banning anyone who asks for autopsy information.

Notice that the account was deleted.

In fact, if you Google “Heather Heyer autopsy,” you get virtually no results.

It’s not even clear if they decided to do an autopsy. Maybe it was so obvious she had died of a heart attack that the family was like “yeah, that isn’t going to help our GoFundMe to have that confirmed – just bury her and don’t ask us about it again, we’ve got television interviews to go do.”

The James Fields/Heather Heyer narrative is going to fall apart like all of these narratives fall apart, but in the aftermath, it will still be okay to just ban people from the internet for making mean jokes about fat people. That is the plan here.

Just like “hands up don’t shoot” turned out to be a lie and it didn’t even matter afterward – there are still blacks out on the street chanting this – they will continue to claim Heyer the Fat was a victim of an evil Nazi, even when it is determined that she was in fact a victim of her own lack of self-control.

We need to continue to ask: Where is the autopsy???