MyPillow Guy Banned from Twitter – Publicly Questioning the Election Outlawed by Private Companies

Everyone is getting banned. We all get that.

What I hadn’t realized is that “Election Denialism” is now an officially established reason to kick someone off of something. I thought it was more muddy than that. But no.

It’s official now: if you question anything about the process of the 2020 presidential election, you are not allowed to speak publicly in America.


MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has been kicked off Twitter for multiple violations of the platform’s civic integrity policy. The outspoken Trump supporter has been vocal about his belief that the 2020 election results were fraudulent.

Twitter confirmed on Monday night that Lindell had been permanently suspended for running afoul of rules barring users from “manipulating or interfering in elections or other civic processes.”

The founder of the Minnesota-based bedding manufacturer has faced blowback over his public statements following riots at the Capitol on January 6. Lindell claimed that the violence was sparked by far-left agitators and urged Donald Trump to continue to challenge the 2020 presidential results, and even reportedly advocated for martial law in order to keep President Joe Biden out of the White House.

Retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s have said that they will no longer stock MyPillow products, in an apparent protest against Lindell’s political activities. The businessman also faces potential litigation from Dominion Voting Systems for claiming that the company conspired to rig November’s presidential election.

Yeah, it’s all coming down now.

They’re going to totally destroy MyPillow, just to prove the point to the goyim.

It’s called “making an example.” They want everyone who has held on to their money through this forced economic collapse to know that if you are a bad goy, they will take it from you through the perfectly legal process known as international corporate collusion.

Meanwhile, the average moron thinks that this is somehow qualitatively different than what happened during the Bolshevik revolution. Because it’s buried deeper in bullshit.

There are people, even now, who believe that corporations banning you and Jews suing you for your speech is “different than when the government does it.” If you ask them “why”, they say “well…” and then freeze like a broken robot.

No one knows why. They think they know why, but the explanation is so convoluted and confusing that no one can actually say it. It would sound too stupid to actually say it.

It’s something like: “companies have to be free to make their own decisions about who they do business with, because if the government can make a company do something, then soon enough, the government will start making smaller companies do things too, and then we won’t have any freedom to do business as we please.”

Good luck trying to explain what a monopoly is, and how the initial capitalist theorists said the number one job of the government was to regulate monopolies. Good luck explaining that “a corporation can do whatever it wants to people” is not in the Constitution or the Bible and that all of these libertarian ideas were introduced in the late 1970s.

If you explain that small businesses are MORE regulated and pay MORE taxes than Amazon and Google, you might get some kind of response. But it will probably be: “well, everyone should have lower taxes!”

It’s the same thing when you bring up the fact that every single company in America is allowed to collude to silence and destroy individuals, but the government is also forcing small bakeries to shut down because they refuse to bake a gay anal cake: they’ll tell you: “It’s the same thing! I’m against the government getting involved!” Basically, they refuse to engage with the fact that the government exists at all. When you tell them what it is doing, they just say that it shouldn’t exist.

Conservatives were trained to believe that a “private company” was a sacred concept. The media draped multinational corporations and their so-called “rights” in American flags and gigantic portraits of Jesus and George Washington, and told them that billionaires running multinational corporations are what makes America so nice. “It’s our values,” they said.

The masses of people will go along with anything, of course, but what is so nuts is that there was no one telling people any differently – back when you were allowed to say it. This whole libertarian thing was allowed to run wild through the National Review and Fox News.

This is how bad it is: just last year, Sean Hannity attacked Tucker Carlson for questioning the fact that Jeff Bezos doubled his wealth during the lockdown. So, the government can force you to shut down your businesses, while leaving big businesses open, and literally transfer all of your money to them, and still people will side with the ideology over what is happening right in front of their faces. They will side with their enemies – on principle. There was no revolt against Sean Hannity when he said that. These boomers nodded along, saying “well, sure, he’s a private person making money just like anyone else.”

This is 1 million dollars, which is more than 95% of Americans will ever have in their bank accounts at one time:

This is a billion dollars:

Jeff Bezos has 200 billion dollars. He had 100 million dollars when the ball dropped to ring in 2020.

This is not “worked hard and made a great company” money, this is “destroyed the competition by aligning with the government” money. No one can deny the second half is a result of direct government action.

The power that these people have is beyond belief. And they are using it to push an agenda.

This never should have been allowed to happen, but it did happen, because no one was paying any attention.

Now, finally, people are starting to say “well, they shouldn’t be allowed to do all of this stuff to us.” They don’t have the language, but they have finally gotten that something that is not fair is happening with these mega-corporations working with the government to silence and destroy normal people.

But it’s too late.

The crisis is already upon us.

Now, we have to deal with the crisis.

But we need to remember how this happened.