Myanmar: Junta Cucks, Turns the Internet Back On

Shockingly, the streets are filled with irate women.

Wow, talk about paper hands.


As enthusiastic crowds of tens of thousands marched through the streets of Myanmar’s biggest city on Sunday to protest last week’s coup ousting Aung San Suu Kyi’s elected government, their spirits were lifted by the return of internet services that had been blocked a day earlier.

Separate protests that began in various parts of Yangon converged at Sule Pagoda, situated in the center of a roundabout in the city’s downtown area. Protesters chanted “Long live Mother Suu” and “Down with military dictatorship.” Protesters in other parts of the country echoed their calls.

Authorities had cut access to the internet as the protests grew Saturday, fanning fears of a complete information blackout. On Sunday afternoon, however, internet users in Yangon reported that data access on their mobile phones had suddenly been restored.

The communication blockade was a stark reminder of the progress Myanmar is in danger of losing. During Myanmar’s decades of military rule, the country was internationally isolated and communication with the outside world strictly controlled.

The elected lawmakers of Suu Kyi’s party met in an online meeting Friday to declare themselves as the sole legitimate representatives of the people and asked for international recognition as the country’s government.

Pope Francis joined the international chorus of concern over the situation.

In remarks to the public in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday, the pope said he has been following “with strong worry the situation that has developed in Myanmar,” noting his affection for the country since his visit there in 2017.

He said he hoped that Myanmar’s leaders worked sincerely “to promote social justice and national stability for a harmonious democratic co-existence.”

This makes it look like the military seizure was actually designed as a staged hoax to further the agenda of Western integration.

Why on earth would they turn the internet back on?

Again: this is all not really very complicated.

If it was impossible to cut a deal with Suu, for whatever their purposes are here, then they should have blocked the internet immediately, and not even considered turning it back on.

They also should have cut deals with local celebrities – in particular, women – to get on TV with them and say that military rule is good. Celebrities, in any country, are basically totally soulless, and it is easy to get them to do things for money. I don’t know what kind of celebrities there are in Burma, but I’m sure there are some. You can even get women from like, skin cream ads or whatever. Just however – famous people, whose faces people are used to seeing. Get them to endorse and stand beside the military, and talk about how good the military is.

Then, they should have ran nonstop atrocity propaganda against the government, and said that the military was there to save them. That should be the only thing on TV, aside from like, Korean soap operas or whatever.

They can run the Korean soap operas, but then on commercial breaks, have celebrities come on and say how great the military is and how they saved the country.

I support military dictatorship on principle, but right now, I am especially concerned with the fact that the globalist system is just gobbling up these few countries that have been holdouts against this system. It is important to me that some countries continue to hold out.

This stuff is not hard to do.

However, Myanmar screwing this up is for sure a lot less embarrassing than what Russia is doing. Wow.

Rule #1 is the Iron Law: the population cannot have access to Western social media. Period. There is no way to win if your peasants have access to that.

Just think: the exact same thing is true in America, which is why we are all banned from using social media. We learned how to manipulate it for our own purposes, which means we all had to be banned.

Myanmar – or Russia, for that matter – have not learned how to manipulate social media, and if they ever did, their state agents would be banned from using it.

You can’t win with Twitter and Facebook. It just is not possible. If you gain an edge using their system, they will ban you.

Right now, at this point, the only thing the military can do is work something out with Suu Kyi. This fight is totally unwinnable, and the fact they turned the internet on shows that they literally have no idea what they’re even doing. These are all boomers who don’t even understand that they lost their country because of the internet.

It’s very frustrating.