Myanmar: Fiendish Jew Journo Sentenced to 11 Years in Prison

Journalist rats everywhere are outraged that the Burmese would dare to put a dirty Jew terrorist in prison for his crimes!

Let journalists weep!

Sino-Friendship is unstoppable!

The Guardian:

The US journalist Danny Fenster has been sentenced to 11 years in prison with hard labour by a court in military-ruled Myanmar after he was found guilty on a series of charges including incitement.

Fenster, who is the managing editor of Frontier Myanmar, an independent outlet that has covered the military coup extensively, was arrested in May 2021 at Yangon international airport. He was due to fly back home to Michigan, where he planned to surprise his parents.

He is the only foreign journalist to be convicted of a serious offence since the military seized power in February, and his detention has been widely condemned by rights groups, press freedom advocates and the US government.

Fenster, 37, appeared in court on Friday wearing blue PPE, and cried as he was told of the sentence, according to his lawyer, U Than Zaw Aung. No observers were allowed in the courtroom.

He was sentenced to three years for incitement for allegedly spreading false or inflammatory information, three years for contacting illegal organisations and five years for violating visa rules.

Fenster will face two further charges under the anti-terrorism act and under a sedition law. Either case could result in a life sentence, according to his lawyer.

The Myanmar military, which has killed more than 1,200 people since taking power, has sought to crush all independent media. It has arrested dozens of journalists, stripped media outlets of their licences, and imposed multiple internet blackouts to hamper the flow of information.

The military didn’t kill anyone who didn’t deserve it!

They were rioting and burning, on behalf of Western Jews!

Let them rot!

Than Zaw Aung said Fenster had told him before the hearing that a police officer had said he would be sent back home. “[Fenster] asked me whether it was true or a joke. But when he actually heard about the sentence, that it is 11 years, he was in shock. He told me that he was angry and he didn’t want to stay in prison for 11 years. He looked worried.”

This rat is lucky the Burmese didn’t do like Hitler did to his ancestors and shock him with an electric floor! He would have been turned to ash!

He’s lucky he didn’t get put on the rollercoaster of death!

He’s lucky he didn’t get put in the cage with the eagle and the bear!

He should count himself lucky he’s only getting 11 years in a filthy shithole prison!

The Burmese military is merciful on such a rat!

After the sentencing, Than Zaw Aung said he told Fenster to stay calm. They weren’t able to speak together for very long, he added, because officials spent time taking Fenster’s records and fingerprints. Fenster had lost weight, he said, and his hair and beard had grown longer.

“An 11-year sentence is the highest punishment for each case. It is inappropriate that a journalist got sentenced like this. It shouldn’t have happened that way,” said Than Zaw Aung.

A spokesperson for the US state department denounced the sentence and called for Fenster’s release.

“We strongly condemn the regime’s sentencing of Danny Fenster. The ruling today represents an unjust conviction of an innocent person,” the spokesperson said. “Journalism is not a crime. Free and independent media is indispensable to building prosperous, resilient and free societies.”

The charges against Fenster were based on the allegation that he was working for Myanmar Now, a banned media outlet, in the aftermath of the February coup. However, Fenster had resigned from Myanmar Now in July 2020 and joined Frontier Myanmar the next month, Frontier Myanmar said.

Yes, I’m sure Myanmar Now and Frontier Myanmar are not just different Jew groups trying to undermine the rightful government of Myanmar.

Sure, Jew. Okay, Jew.

You should have stayed in Israel!

The entire world is fed up with this crap, and Sino-Friendship is rising! Freedom is rising!

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