Myanmar: Democracy Savages Fill Streets with Trash to Protest Patriarchy

As the reader is aware, I’m not a fan of democracy, and am generally prone to supporting authoritarian, patriarchal governments.

That said, I do not think the military government of Myanmar has done everything right. In particular, they have not banned social media. That leads to things like social media campaigns, presumably thought up by Western think tanks, being activated by the democracy fighters.

The results are disgusting.


Protesters across Myanmar have covered city streets with rubbish as they launch a “garbage strike,” the latest act of civil disobedience as casualties continue to mount from the military’s crackdown on anti-coup activists.

Starting on Tuesday, pro-democracy activists are calling on residents across Myanmar to throw their rubbish into the middle of key intersections to block roads and impede the military’s attempt to secure control over the country.

Photos circulating on social media show rubbish and other items dumped in the middle of streets in cities like Yangon, as well as signs being erected expressing opposition to the military coup.

“This garbage strike is a strike to oppose the junta,” a social media post shared before the protest read. The strike went ahead despite the military warning residents on Monday to properly dispose of rubbish.

It follows days of violent clashes between protesters and security forces. On Saturday alone, 141 people died on the bloodiest day since the February 1 coup, taking the death toll since the military’s takeover to more than 500.

With the military refusing to back down and anti-coup protesters continuing their actions, the UN has called for an end to the violent clashes and for Myanmar’s generals to allow peaceful demonstrations to proceed.

The UN is such garbage.

The “peaceful protesters” were attacking cops, which is why protests were banned in the first place.

You now see the nature of these democracy fighters, who are filling the streets with trash.

They are savages.

Who would dump trash in the street like this, other than a savage?

The government doesn’t have to clean it up – poor people do. But the middle class, privileged women who are “fighting for democracy” don’t care about the poor people who have to clean up the mess from their tantrum.

Democracy is anti-civilization, it is pro-garbage, it despises the poor, working people, and it is fueled by irate, privileged women.

You look at these pictures of the Myanmar “protests” and it is all led by women, who are clearly middle class, doing their stupid “Hunger Games salute.”

The entire drive for the protests comes from the stuff they are seeing on their phones, which is distributed by the CIA.

It would all be different if Asians had a better grasp of what was happening. Any country that doesn’t want a vaginal CIA Hunger Games revolution in their country should ban Western social media.

There is no situation in which you allow the CIA to speak directly to women using these phones and they don’t go ape on command. It is the easiest thing in the world for the CIA to use Twitter and Facebook to organize these revolutions.

All you have to do is get local celebrities – TV stars, musicians, sports people – to endorse some local social media alternative. In theory, you would do that before the riots start.

Thailand failed to do this, Myanmar failed to do this, but surely Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. are looking at this and saying “we’ve got to get rid of this social media before the CIA decides to activate middle class sluts to riot and pile garbage in the streets.”

China as a matter of course tries to never interfere with the domestic politics of their trading partners, but they should at least be offering them a local instance of their social media alternatives, and explaining to them that the CIA will use Twitter and Facebook to start riots.

Every country that falls to this system means that the Jewish Beast system of the West has that much more power.