My Interview with a Princeton Student Journalist

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 8, 2016


The following is an email I wrote to a student journalist at Princeton when the Great Nazi Printer Hack of 2016 was just breaking.

Because she decided not to do an article on this content (surprise, surprise), I am publishing it here. If any other journalists are brave enough, I welcome further inquiry into these topics.

Her questions are in bold.


What inspired you to be involved with this website?

I was fed-up with the Jewish domination of society, and no one else was willing to do this. As a Christian, I believe in the concept of self-sacrifice to serve a higher spiritual purpose. So I’ve given up my ability to exist comfortably in mainstream society in order to do what I am able to do to save Western civilization.

Are you the sole contributor to the site?

I’m the sole publisher/editor of the site, but I publish articles from brothers in arms and also aggregate content from other sites.

How many people on average visit the site and actively participate with posting and commenting as well as supporting the site?

Last month we had 2.6 million unique visitors viewing an average of 9 pages each.

Right now, there are only about 2000 active commenters, because at the beginning of the year I was dropped from the disqus commenting system. I have replaced the commenting system with my own open sores commenting system, but there are fewer commenters given that we are no longer using the industry standard and instead using a system which requires users to create a new account. When I had disqus, there were six times as many commenters as there are now. But more people are signing up every day, and it is only a matter of time before we have over 9000 commenters again.

Few people bother to support the site, given that PayPal, various other online payment systems and credit card processors have dropped the site at the behest of the SPLC. Mostly I rely on support from wealthy older folks.

Can you provide some instances in which propelled this distaste for the Jews?

I dislike Jews for the same reason that everyone in history who came in contact with them disliked them: because of their awful behavior.

Why do you feel as if they are invading and taking over?

I don’t feel they’ve “invaded” per se, but rather “infiltrated.” And they have already taken over – past tense.

Also, it isn’t a feeling I have, it is simply a fact.

Just for an example, you are from Princeton: the President of Princeton, Christopher L. Eisgruber, is a Jew. Before that the President was Shirley M. Tilghman, who is married to the Jew Joseph Tilghman. Before that you had Harold Tafler Shapiro, who was a Canadian Jew. So going back to 1988, when Shapiro was appointed, you have full Jewish control of the school.

The numbers of Jew teachers are not available, but it is definitely a lot. Of the student body, 10% are Jewish. They are 2% of the American population. That is an serious level of over-representation.

Other Ivy League schools are even worse.

At Yale, they are 27% of the population. The President of Yale – as you may have guessed – is a Jew, Peter Salovey. Yale’s President before him was the Jew Rick Levin.

At Harvard, they presently have a goy as President, but recent Presidents have included Jew Larry Summers and Jew Neil L. Rudenstine. The student body is 25% Jewish.

More number of Jew students at top universities can be found at the Hillel Jew Fraternity website.—blog/news-and-views/2013/08/21/2013-top-schools-jews-choose

Every other major institution in the United States (and throughout the White western world) has similarly high overrepresentation of Jews, if not more so. In Hollywood, five out of five major studios are headed by Jews. Of six major news media companies, 5 are run by Jews and the non-Jew among them, Rupert Murdock, is more pro-Jew than the Jews themselves (he also may be secretly part Jewish, though I have never been able to confirm this).

The government has a similar situation.

8.4% of congressmen are Jews.

The Federal Reserve has only had Jew heads for their entire existence (just as the private banking industry is totally controlled by Jews).

Three of 8 current SOCTUS judges are Jewish, and Obama just appointed another Jew.

More importantly, policy planners are Jews. All of the neoconservatives who surrounded George Bush and planned all these insane wars were Jews, save for Cheney and Rumsfeld (Rice obviously wasn’t, but nor was she an architect of the Iraq war). Scooter Libby, Douglas Feith, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, William Kristol, etc. were all Jewish.

The Obama administration is not much different. John Kerry (Kohn) is an admitted crypto-Jew who claims he didn’t know he was a Jew until the Boston Globe told him. Two of Obama’s Chiefs of Staff have been Jewish. The Jew State Department official Victoria Nuland was responsible for fomenting the violent revolution against a democratically elected government in the Ukraine, which resulted in a Jewish Prime Minister, Jewish President and Jewish mayor of the country’s capital city.

It goes on and on and on.

Jews also invented communism, then implemented it in Russia, slaughtering tens of millions of people. Then they started a war with Hitler. Then they came up with this idiotic nonsense about getting gassed in homicidal chambers for no reason. Then they used that monumental lie as a shield from criticism.

And you may ask why it matters that Jews have such insanely disproportionate levels of power. It matters because they push a radical liberal agenda, which is fundamentally against the White race and seeks to destroy us.

Having obtained power after WWII, they ran the Black, feminist, sexual and drug revolutions. Jews were the driving force behind all of this degeneracy, and all of it served to deconstruct the foundations of White society. They are now going for the deathblow, which is mass non-White immigration which will eventually result in a total extermination of Whites.

I was wondering if you could provide a statistic or some numerical amount of Ivy League students who are involved with WSU. From your knowledge – have these fliers been mostly sent out to Ivy League schools.

I have agents within six of the Ivy League schools. All of them save Dartmouth and Brown. Actually, someone allegedly from Brown recently contacted me, but refused to send a photo of their school ID, and so I have refused to work with him. The only other team I’ve worked closely with is the OSU team, as this is my local school and the school I attended.

As I have already revealed, part of my WSU program involves isolating campus activity into smaller cells, which operate independent from one another, which protects the safety of students and mitigates the possibility of Jew infiltration. I have a program, which I will not reveal the details of, which involves a system of behaviors which subverts the Jewish agenda on campus and injects White racial consciousness into the environment without it being noticeable that a subversive agenda is at work. The method uses the force of the Jewish narrative against the Jewish system. These students are involved in all types of different extra-curricular groups and clubs, and implement my subversion program wherever they can. I encourage students to join as many such groups as possible in order to implement the agenda.

Not even I know the exact number of students involved at this point, but the numbers are swelling rapidly. I have also developed a program for recruitment into cells which largely mitigates the likelihood of getting caught. And again, the groups are made up of isolated cells, so it is not possible to take down the entire organization.

Even if the groups decide to form a public WSU, the subversion cells will remain isolated and secret. A public WSU would be used as recruitment into the hidden cells, as well as larger publicity for the agenda.

If I had to give an estimate, I would say that across the six Ivy League schools, there are upwards of 1000 students involved. That’s a conservative estimate.

(NOTE: Though I have been working on the WSU project publicly for a long time, this is the first time I have ever stated this specific information to the media, and if you print it, you’re probably going to get some national coverage.)

The fliers are a separate issue, designed to bolster the WSU agenda. They were sent out to tens of thousands of printers, not specifically Ivy league schools.

Being a white supremacist in the 21st century – what are some common misconceptions that you think people who don’t understand the organization try to appropriate?

The same misconceptions that you hear every time we’re in the media. Silly, stupid Jewish lies, most of which were invented by Jewish Hollywood and are pushed into the media by Jewish terrorist organizations such as the SPLC and the ADL.

We have nothing to do with “hate,” certainly nothing to do with violence. We do what we do out of love for our race and our heritage. We don’t want to hurt anyone, we simply want our society back, we want a right to self-determination, a right to bequeath to our children the same values and identity that our ancestors passed on to us.

What do you hope people can learn from WSU? Do you feel as if its growing and gaining more followers?

I hope to subvert the entire Jewish agenda on campus and aid the creation of a New Man, capable of standing up to the Jewish establishment and shutting it down, replacing it with a White racial consciousness.

And it is surely gaining followers. The rate at which it is happening at the Ivy League projects I’m involved in is staggering.

The fire rises.