“My Human Rights” – Outrage Over Thai Boy Threatened with Prison for Insulting King

Despite the fact that the King of Thailand is not Jewish, he nonetheless believes that there should be laws protecting him from insults.

This is a total outrage, because of human rights.


A 16-year-old boy in Thailand is facing criminal charges because he was accused of insulting the king, according to a Channel News Asia reporter.

The boy is accused of dressing up similarly to Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn and displaying words on his body that insulted the king. He is being charged under Thailand’s “lese-majeste” law.

The sweeping and controversial law makes it a crime to insult, defame, or threaten the monarchy.

According to the US Department of State’s Overseas Security Advisory Council, the boy faces anywhere from three to 15 years in jail.

The charges came after the boy was spotted at a protest last week wearing a tank top similar to one the king is often seen wearing.

A group of protesters gathered outside the Yannawa Police Station in Bangkok in support of the boy, May Wong, the CNA reporter, said. She said the supporters wrote “Abolish 112,” a reference to the royal-defamation law, on the street outside the station.

The charges are just the latest brought under the lese-majeste law, as more than a dozen activists have recently been charged with violating the law after a two-year break in its enforcement, The Guardian reported. The unnamed high-school student is believed to be among the youngest to ever be charged under the law.

Thailand is a really backward country, what with laws making it illegal to criticize the rulership.

There is only one thing that should be against the law to criticize, and that is the Jews. Also, it should be illegal to do research into the Jewish Holocaust, of course. Also, you might need some laws making it illegal to criticize immigrants, perhaps. But any other laws against politically directed critical speech – those are just barbaric.

What’s more, not only does Thailand have these silly, barbaric laws against insulting the monarchy – they also don’t have laws banning insulting the Jews! Imagine it! People aren’t allowed to mock the king, but Jew-haters get a free pass to spread their filth!

It’s probably time that the US military started backing these Thai protesters who are rioting against the king. Sure, the CIA is in there, doing covert operations, but we need direct action. Thailand deserves a government that will allow criticism of anyone, except the Jews.

That’s what democracy is all about, folks, and it’s the single most important thing on earth.