“My Daughter, Jade, was Murdered 28 Days Before Her 19th Birthday”

Murder Victims
February 18, 2014

Jade Moore RIP.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee has suspended all death sentences. This means all the victims and their families have been cheated of seeing justice to be done. This is the story of one White mother who was awaiting closure on her daughters death.

My daughter, Jade, was murdered 28 days before her 19th birthday on April 28th, 1996.  Dwayne Woods is on death row in Walla Walla, Washington and I will get to watch him take his last breath —– someday.  Jade, and two other girls that are sisters were involved.

They were all three beaten with a baseball bat, one at a time.

Jade was also raped, and one of the girls was stabbed a few times.   He was the boyfriend of one of the girls, and believe it or not, SHE is the one that lived.  Jade and the other girl both died.  The one girl was brain dead right away, and never came back.

Jade talked to the doctors and police, and told everyone who did it.  The doctors were going to keep her in the hospital overnight, then let her go home the next day.  They said she was going to have a real bad headache for a couple of days, but should be fine.

At 6:00 that night, a blood clot dislodged from her brain, and she was brain dead.  They did tests for 24 hours, but she couldn’t breath on her own.   I actually have 2 death dates because of that.  She actually died April 27th, but because they have to do tests for 24 hours, the legal death date is April 28th.

I will never stop loving and missing her.  My heart hurts all the time. Jade has two brothers, which I am so thankful for.  We were lucky, our trial went smoothly and we took it as far as we could.

I’ve become a cemetery mom.  That has become my place of comfort.  I have all kinds of things glued to the cement surrounding her headstone.  Pictures of her, poems, hearts, anything I can find that will work. Her 21st birthday was I think the hardest “event” for me to get through.

The evil creature responsible, Dwayne Woods.