My Body, My Choice! European Politicians Want to End All Legal Barriers to Abortion

Women are super-human creatures empowered with the capacity to make choices about who lives and who dies.

They can kill an infant on a whim, because it will bring them happiness.

However, if their happiness is dependent on not wearing a mask or not getting injected with a deadly fake vaccine – then sorry to say, their body is no longer their choice.

The Guardian:

Government ministers from five European countries, including Belgium’s prime minister, Alexander de Croo, are among 29 politicians, healthcare and women’s rights activists who have signed an open letter calling for the removal of all legal barriers to abortion.

The letter, signed by gender and equality ministers from France, Canada and Norway, and international development ministers from Sweden and the Netherlands, states that women’s right to safe, legal abortion is being eroded by misinformation and attacks on services. It calls for the reopening of abortion clinics closed during the pandemic.

The signatories say abortion should be regarded as an essential healthcare service and call for a global campaign “of factual and unbiased information” so women and girls know their rights and understand their options.

Published by the SheDecides movement on Wednesday, the letter calls for an end to mandatory counselling for abortion, the implementation of forthcoming revised World Health Organization guidelines, and for mifepristone, the abortion-inducing drug, to be approved for use in countries where it is not yet available.

“No woman should be forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term; and no woman should die due to pregnancy or childbirth. The foundation of a fair and equal world for women and girls in all their diversity is the right to decide about their own bodies. Every woman everywhere has the right to safe, legal abortion, maternal and obstetric healthcare, comprehensive sexuality education and contraception,” reads the letter.

“But right now, across the world, women and girls are routinely denied full access to their sexual and reproductive rights and freedoms. The disproportionate impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly on women’s economic empowerment, and increased sexual and gender-based violence, makes the need to secure gender equality more pressing than ever.”

Anti-abortion drives are often “spearheaded by well-funded, well-organised lobby groups” around the world, the letter continues.

Meanwhile, the government that actively pushes abortion on women is poorly funded and disorganized. The government is a rebel group, fighting for the rights of women against the all powerful and oppressive Christian Lobby.

Honestly, it’s a little bit shocking that the media has the nerve to come out with “my body, my choice” while we’re still in the midst of the coronavirus hysteria.

You would think that they would want people to forget that this was once a very popular slogan, given that with the masks and the vaccines, they are openly telling you that you have no choice about your own body.

Of course, the argument is that if you don’t wear a mask and get a vaccine, you are going to kill people. But with an abortion, you are literally killing someone.

How is this coherent?

Well, obviously, it isn’t.

But it doesn’t matter because women are morons.