MUTINY: African Migrants Seize Rescue Ship, Demand to Be Let Into Italy

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 11, 2018

Poor women and children indeed.

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Il Giornale:

The case of the 60 migrants recovered by the Vos Thalassa ship and then transferred onto the coast guard’s Diciotti has agitated the waters of the government.

According to the Viminale (newspaper), every port has been closed to the tugboat, but the ministry of Transportation, guided by (Danilo) Toninelli could give the green light to the boat. But now there is an entirely new aspect to this story: The ship has transmitted an S.O.S in an area under the responsibility of the Libyan coast guard. The position of the Viminale has not changed, however, and for the moment the ship remains outside of our ports. The Italian coast guard – according to Salvini’s speech – can not replace the Libyan one, especially if the African colleagues have already entered into action.

However, Minister Toninelli has reported another aspect of this event, a strange episode aboard the Vos Thalassa. The Minister of Transportation and Infrastructures on Twitter spoke of moments of tension on the tugboat: “The Proud members of the Italian Coast Guard aboard the Diciotti have taken on board 60 migrants who were endangering the crew of the Italian tugboat Vos Thalassa, Now conducting investigations to punish troublemakers “. After the eventual landing in an Italian port the investigations will start immediately to understand what happened to the rim of the referee. According to the first accounts, some migrants rebelled due to fear of returning to Libya. After some threats, the crew was forced to barricade themselves on the bridge. Hence, a distress signal was sent to Rome, and the Coast Guard intervened with the Diciotti. According to the Viminale, the “troublemakers” aboard the Vos Thalassa would be Ghanaian and Sudanese. 

This is an incredible gift to Salvini.

Few remember this, but in Australia, there was something called the Tampa Affair. 

The dastardly Danes tried to dump five hundred Afghans in Australia. The Aussies stormed the ship with special forces and sent them all to some shithole island instead. As a result of it, boats coming into Australia completely stopped. Only until the left-wing government was voted into office did the whole thing resume again.

This could be the exact same flashpoint.

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Once the migrants found out that they were going to be passed onto the Italian Coast Guard, they mutinied.

Salvini says he wants to throw them into prison.

Presumably, he meant to say that he wants to dump them into the ocean so that they become shark bait. But again, my Italian is not so good and google translate only goes so far.

I’m sure that’s what he wanted to say though.

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