Mutated Mentally Ill Retard Greta Thunberg Demands Freedom for Hong Kong CIA Terrorists

If China doesn’t let these CIA terrorists out of jail, the weather will get even hotter.


Prominent Swedish climate activist Great Thunberg on Saturday joined an online social media campaign calling for the release of 12 Hong Kong activists detained in mainland China.

The campaign, aimed at spreading awareness about the group, calls on participants to post a photo of themselves holding up a sign displaying “#Save12HongKongYouths” and to nominate three other Twitter users to “spread the word.”

Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong nominated Thunberg to take part in the campaign. In her post, the 17-year-old nominated three other international climate activists to join in: Luisa Neubauer, Hilda Flavia Nakabuye and Jamie Margolin.

Kickstarted by Wong last Monday, the #save12 campaign and online petition demands for the “immediate return” of the 12 to Hong Kong.

London-based NGO Hong Kong Watch launched separately a #savethe12hkyouths campaign last Wednesday, calling on UK parliamentarians’ support for the cause. Other demands included granting the detainees legal representation of their family’s choosing, contact with family members and access to medical care.

Imagine: this is a retarded teenage girl, who is also severely mentally ill, who we put up as a hero of our society, to lecture us about a conspiracy theory that carbon dioxide changes the weather.

Now, we’ve decided that actually, she should also be lecturing us about complex geopolitical situations.

No one has ever explained why we should be bossed around by a little mutant retard with all of these mental problems.

I remember when CNN said that Greta was an expert on coronavirus and put her on an expert panel, and even leftists were like, “wait, hold on…”

I called it a “hoax crossover,” which I think was funny.

But now all the hoaxes have crossed over.

I guarantee you, Greta has an explanation as to why Hong Kong democracy will make the weather change. Or keep the weather the same or whatever it is she’s up to.

The media and the intelligence agencies (but I repeat myself) had a big success with Greta, so they’re going to use her for all kinds of purposes.

Apparently, people just really like taking orders from irate and abusive little retarded girls with mutated bodies.