Must Watch: Anti-Masonic National Socialist Propaganda Film (1943)

Editors Note: “Occult Forces” is a 1943 French national socialist propaganda film exposing the international Judeo-Masonic conspiracy. This is a great film to show to those within the “truth movement” who are aware of the different masonic conspiracies. Another fact that lends this film credibility is that several people involved with the making of this film were condemned to prison or execution. 


From Metepedia;

“Forces occultes (EnglishOccult Powers) is a French dramatised documentary about freemasonry from 1943, particularly exposing its cronyism, corruption and duplicity. The film was directed by a former member of the Grand Orient of France for eight years, Jean Mamy and thus includes authentic footage of Masonic initiation ceremonies. After the Second World Warwas over, the people involved in creating the film were persecuted as an act of revenge; the producer Robert Muzard was sentenced to three years, the writer Jean Marquès-Rivière was condemned to death in his absence, while the producer Jean Mamy was executed at the fortress of Montrouge.

In the film, a young politician Pierre Avenel, set in the French Third Republic is sick of the narrow party-political game in parliament which is degenerating the country; he criticises thecapitalists for their greed and the communists for their manipulation of the masses for their own self-seeking ends. Naive and looking for solutions, he is approached by freemasons, who tell him that their organisation is about “progress” and upstanding “morality”, so he joins the lodge. There he finds a strange world of intimidating oaths and pledges to serve the brotherhood.”