Muslims: When We Take Over Europe, We will Make It Legal to Rape White Women

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 18, 2014

Here you have some Muslims saying what we already knew because it was completely obvious: when they finish conquering Europe, they will make it legal for them to rape White women on the streets. Not that there is really a need to make it formally legal, as they are already allowed to do it with impunity in most European countries, but they’re going to go ahead and legalize it anyway, just out of principle.

Isn’t it funny the way that women are the biggest supporters of this invasion agenda, when they absolutely have the most to lose? If Muslims take over Europe completely, I can convert and probably get some high commissar position that enables me to rule over people, live in a mansion and have dozens of wives. These women are just going to be forced to shut up and wear ghost costumes and get raped on the streets by Arabs.

It really is not logical that the feminist social justice agenda extends to the Invasion of Europe by Muslims.

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