Muslims Brutally Attack Dutch Girl on the Street

Andrew Anglin
September 21, 2014

Here you have two Muslim youths culturally enriching a young Dutch girl in broad daylight with punches and kicks. As is the custom with traditional Islamic customs of enriching White females, after she is on the ground curled up in the fetal position, they continue to beat her.

This colorful attack took place near the Hague, where Muslims have recently taken to flying the ISIS flag.

Beating our women on the streets and hoisting the banner of a terrorist group that executes children, buries people alive and crucifies their enemies – can you imagine the enrichment that is to come, White Man?

Can you fathom the vibrancy?

Will you be able to dig the level of diversity, when Europe become a Muslim caliphate?

Well, you’d better brace yourself, because in ten years time, enrichment will heave reached critical mass, and you will finally understand the true meaning of the term “colorful vibrancy.”