Museums Across Europe Being Robbed of Nazi Memorabilia by Highly Competent Burglars

This brings me joy.

New York Times:

It was 2 a.m. on a Tuesday when the raid began at the Eyewitness War Museum in the town of Beek, the Netherlands.

First, a group of thieves teased open the museum’s front gate.

“You can see it on our cameras,” said Wim Seelen, the museum’s director.

But then, they disappeared.

An hour later, the burglars returned in several estate cars. In a scene reminiscent of a heist movie, they spread out tires across the highway that runs past the museum to create a roadblock and parked a fake police car beside it, so it looked official.

Over the next five minutes, the group — maybe 12 people in total, Seelen said — battered down the museum’s front door, broke display cabinets and took what they’d come for: nine mannequins wearing rare Nazi uniforms. The outfits included one worn by Hitler’s personal chef and another by a high-ranking member of the SS.

The robbers took other items of World War II memorabilia, Seelen said, with the haul worth about $1.5 million in total.

“It was done with military precision,” he added.

The museum’s alarms went off, but the police — held up by the roadblock — arrived too late to catch anyone.

“Of course, I’m terrified it will happen again,” Seelen said.

The Aug. 4 raid in Beek was only the most dramatic in a string of recent robberies from World War II museums in Europe, and the burglaries are spreading panic among similar institutions.

Since March, four museums in the Netherlands and Denmark have been broken into, and memorabilia, including Nazi uniforms, has been stolen. The most recent raid took place Nov. 3, when robbers broke through a window at the German Museum North Schleswig, in southern Denmark, and made off with three mannequins in Nazi outfits.

Administrators from all four of the burglarized institutions said they believed the thieves were acting on the orders of collectors looking to get their hands on rare Nazi memorabilia. But they were uncertain whether the robberies were carried out by the same group or were simply part of a worrying trend.

I’m going to hold on to the belief that there is a powerful group of good guys who want to keep these important pieces of our history safe – and maybe use them for inspiration – who are hiring these highly competent heist meisters.

As a rule, I would of course be against robbing museums, as it is something where that stuff belongs to all of us. However, when Nazi materials are on display, it is always accompanied by grave insults to and lies about Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. Furthermore, there has been a push by the Jews to destroy a lot of this stuff.

If someone is paying for it, we know they are keeping it safe – presumably in anticipation of a time when we can display it in the proper context. The proper context being: Adolf Hitler was a Christian Soldier at war with the Children of Satan.

I love entertaining the fantasy that there are powerful, competent people out there who support a pro-white agenda.

Furthermore, you gotta love a good heist.

Fake barricades with fake police cars are super cool.