Murdoch Murdoch: Metamorphosis

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 28, 2017

Murdoch Murdoch is best YouTuber.

They killed his Patreon.

SPLC kike complainers.

We need money, guys. We all need money.

And you have money you’re willing to give us.

But the kikes have created a situation where it is physically impossible for you to deliver that money to us.

Someone needs to figure this situation out.

That someone who figured it out could make an extremely decent living, pretty much passively.

What we need is a system like Pateron that allows people to use credit cards (and hopefully PayPal) to get money to creators.

I know that most of you are willing to give $2, $5, $10 or even $50 a month to the people like we here at the Daily Stormer, or Murdoch Murdoch, or the goys at TRS, or whoever else who is creating content you like so we can make more content you like and spread the message to more and more people.

That is all any of us need. We have huge audiences. If everyone was able to give a small amount per month to the people they want to support, we would be growing at an even more insane rate than we are right now.

But we are hitting a ceiling on this funding, because there is no way for the money to be transferred.

We have Bitcoin and we have snail mail, and I totally understand that most people are not going to take the time to put $5 in an envelope. I wish they would, and I truly love the people that do, but it remains unrealistic on any kind of scale.

We need a solution.

And again: if someone has the ability to figure this out, they are going to make a good living. More and more people are getting banned from PayPal, Patreon and normal credit card processors every day.

I know that someone reading this has the ability to figure it out.

So please: do it!