Murder Charge Could be Dropped for Black Who Sprayed White Man with 40 Bullets

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
January 16, 2020

Another white family feels the dreaded sting of the Jewdicial system.


A family is outraged after an Oklahoma judge decided to clean the slate for the accused mastermind behind a young father’s murder.

Twenty-four-year-old Joseph Angelo was found dead on his front porch with nearly 40 gunshot wounds to his body.

After a hearing on Friday inside a Logan County courtroom, Angelo’s killer could be a free man in a few years.

“We have no faith in the justice system there,” Michael Angelo said.

So much so, the still grieving family picked up their lives in Guthrie and moved a thousand miles away.

“Our system is a joke,” Angelo said.

But Friday morning, Michael Angelo said he can’t escape the pain, learning Friday his brother’s alleged killer, Reggie Smith, will soon be free.

Reggie Smith.

“It’s all falling apart, all of it,” Angelo said. “There is absolutely no reason that this man should be having a plea deal.”

In spring of 2017, Joseph Angelo, father of a one year old, was gunned down on his Guthrie front porch. Police say he was sprayed with nearly 40 bullets.

According to court documents, a group was out for “revenge after someone tried to steal marijuana from Reggie Smith earlier that day.”

A witness added, “Smith was extremely angry and he wanted to find the gangbangers.”

Smith and three others eventually were caught and booked for murder.

“The evidence can be right in front of them and they will make whatever decision they want to,” Angelo said.

But it’s evidence a Logan County jury couldn’t prove in Smith’s trial, coming to a deadlock.

So Friday, Smith made a deal with the judge: his murder charge would be wiped clean in exchange for a different charge, assault with a dangerous weapon.

Smith was sentenced to 10 years, but he was credited for the two years he has already served.

Joseph Angelo.