Munich: Large Army of Purebloods Cannot be Stopped by 666 Satan Police Force

The police are now officially a 666 Satan police force, enforcing the will of the Beast Antichrist vax system.

This is why the system is not moving faster to lock us all in concentration camps and implement their full New Great World Reset – millions of people are waking up to what is happening.

The pureblooded are refusing to comply.

I don’t support it and I denounce it fully – but it is only a matter of time before these Beast Antichrist Vax Enforces end up getting wet.

It is only a matter of time before the purebloods realize the truest of truths:


Once purebloods realize that, it will only be a skip and a jump before the purebloods start dealing with the cops the way blacks do, and I will tell you this: when white people chimp out, it looks a whole lot different than when black people chimp out.

Again: I don’t support this and I don’t think it can work.

But it is just a matter of fact: we are getting to the point where you are going to see cops getting shot and targeted assassinations of vaxer politicians.

That is the harsh reality.

They have pushed people too far.

Too far.

This has all gone way, way, way too far.

My advice is the same as it’s always been: get out of the city, lay low, only use force in self-defense if the vax police come to find you.

But a lot of people are not going to follow that advice, and what is going to happen is that people are going to start killing cops and politicians, and that is going to be used as a pretext to say that the entire anti-vax movement is a terrorist army, and then you’re going to have a crackdown and basically a civil war.

I will tell you this:

I hate the Antichrist.